Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade Brings End to Reign of Adorable Little Titus

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 11, 2013

It seemed as if there was no defense in the world that could stop the adorable and highly accurate Titus. Thanks to Brian Kilmeade, we now know how to defend the toddler. 

The posted video features baby Titus doing what he does best, tossing up shots with the accuracy of a young Steve Kerr and the form of an awkward Shawn Marion. 

It was a scene familiar to anyone who happened by the kid's YouTube videos or took in one of the few times he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to compete against NBA stars

Apparently, the trick-shot goodwill tour was supposed to continue on Fox News' Fox & Friends, which at this point should have been a smooth segment. 

The kid is a well-oiled machine. Despite the cameras and audience, he is locked in on the task at hand and will drain any shot you give him. 

Your job as the host is to stand back and cut in with a snarky remark every now and then. 

Instead, Kilmeade tries his hand at rebounding and then tosses back one of the balls to Titus who, at his age, has the catching ability of Kwame Brown. 

It seems rather obvious, but I guess we will go over this for those oblivious few: Please, don't throw balls at babies.

In time, they will develop the requisite skills to nab that fastball out of the air. Until then, their tiny arms are only good for making a mess of things around the house—and as it seems—dropping buckets on live TV. 

The segment went from awesome to awkward, and Kilmeade quickly went to commercial. Now we expect Titus to grow up with a healthy fear of passing the ball to others. Perhaps, he will become the next Kobe Bryant. 


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