Ranking the 10 Most Arrogant Golfers of All Time

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Ranking the 10 Most Arrogant Golfers of All Time
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A certain amount of arrogance is expected, maybe even appreciated, on the field of play.

It surely doesn’t have to be a negative although many times it is an attitude accompanied by snobbery, disdain and the disparagement of teammates and competitors alike.

Think of the great baseball pitchers, a lá Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan, who stared down their opposing batters in an effort to put them off guard, or basketball players, like LeBron James or Kevin Garnett, who slam dunks in the faces of their opponents with righteous indignation and an inevitable sneer.

Golfers strut their stuff in different but no less strident ways.

They may point to a ball as it curls its way to the cup, rising jubilant with a fist pump as it falls in.

They may assert their superiority by disdaining their fans or by openly criticizing their opponents and ridiculing them in the media. Often times, they don’t talk to the media at all because they are above it all.

Oddly enough, their overbearing and presumptuous manner can simultaneously turn them into some of the most off-putting people on the planet and the most admired.

Herein is ranking of the most arrogant golfers to have crossed the fairway.



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