Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Mario Chalmers, Kevin Love: Players of the Season

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Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Mario Chalmers, Kevin Love: Players of the Season
This year in the Men's NCAA basketball tournament there was upset after upset. Most said before the tournament started that it would be a year that all the better seeds would win, but no. Many upsets such as Siena over Vanderbilt (83-62), Davidson over Wisconsin (73-56), West Virginia over Duke (73-67), Western Kentucky over Drake (101-99), and in the Championship game; Kansas over Memphis (75-68) proved many wrong. Along with the fact that all the number one seeds made it to the final four. There were many, many outstanding players that really stood out in this 2008 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament. Stephen Curry from Davidson, Derrick Rose from Memphis, Mario Chalmers from Kansas, and Kevin Love from UCLA have all stood out astonishingly in the tournament. At the beginning of the season ESPN told everyone to watch Davidson and see how they grow, for they could have a good chance in doing well in the tournament. Although, this was a good way before the season actually started, so not many people heard about them and how well they could possibly do this year. As the season continued more and more people became more aware of Davidson's success. When it came down to the NCAA tournament there was no dispute about Davidson making it, but there was a dispute on how far they would go. Some said they would go until the second round and then get knocked out and a few people said they would go all the way. To the surprise of most, Davidson made it to the Elite Eight. Stephen Curry led the team every game; Not by points but by style. He showed class on the court and was still able to put up unbelievable numbers. Derrick Rose was an amazing asset to the Memphis Tigers this year. He was able to dribble the ball at the top of the key and take on any point guard and he was able to drive the ball to the hole and finish strong. Although, when in comes to free throws, Memphis is one of the weakest free throw shooting teams, shooting just over 40%. It came to bite them in the butt in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game as there was 10.9 seconds left and Memphis was up 62-60 and was at the free throw line. They missed the first one and made the second, being up only three point wasn't enough to stop Kansas, because Mario Chalmers was ready to respond with a 3 point shot to tie it up and go into overtime with 2.1 seconds left. Derrick Rose had 14 of the teams 16 points in the second half. That right there in one half of a game shows how much of an asset he is. On the other side Mario Chalmers is a miracle for Kansas. His shot is the shot that kept Kansas from leaving that stadium with nothing less than a National Championship. With Kansas down 60-63 against Memphis, Sherron Collins pushes the ball up court and then hands if off to Mario Chalmers who took a last second 3 point shot with 2.1seconds left in the game to tie it up. With the stroke of a miracle worker Mario Chalmers shot the ball while fading to the left and managed to follow threw and take Kansas to overtime where they would take the NCAA Championship title. Mario Chalmers ended the season with 18 points and a National Championship in that game, you couldn't ask for much more. Kevin Love has been loved at UCLA. He has taken this team farther than anyone has ever expected him too. Kevin is 6'10 and 250lbs, a very big guy to be playing collage basketball. Although, he doesn't just play down low; Kevin Love has the skill of a point guard and the skill and size of a center. He has shown that he is able to put away NBA 3 pointers without a sweat, dribble the ball and take it to the hole, rebound like no one else in collage basketball, and take charges anytime there is an opportunity. He was the center of attention when recruiting came down before the season started at UCLA, and at the end of the season UCLA wasn't the only one paying attention to him. Now everyone knew who Kevin Love was and they were always intrigued when they got the opportunity to watch him play a dominating game. Who can imagine what kind of player he will be in next year and the year after that? This year in the March Madness 2008 Men's Collage Basketball Tournament not everything went according to some peoples calculations. Quite a few upsets took place throughout the tournament but mainly in the first and second rounds. As few expected it wasn't a year where all the best seed would sail through, it was a tournament of surprise. That is good and it kept everyone on their toes…Especially in the end with the four number one seeds left in it. Sadly the year is over, but let the recruiting begin!
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