FML: The Bleacher Report Edition

Yama HazheerCorrespondent IIMay 7, 2009

Parody of

My articles have gotten less and less views since I joined the site unlike others who have gotten more since they joined. FML.

I have been writing for a year and have yet to have a pick of the day article. FML.

When people edit my articles, they say great work, yet I receive limited comments. FML.

I write as much Golden State Warriors articles as I can in my free time and yet to be a community leader or the number one ranked writer for them. FML.

I have been here for a year and remain with only 14 fans. FML.

I have been a scribe forever now, I have yet to be a analyst or above. FML.

People that have been here for a shorter time than me have the syndicated writer badge in their profile, I have yet to get that. FML.

My article has appeared on Fox Sports, and I still did not win pick of the day. FML.

When I first registered, Zander did not even add me as a fan till I commented his page to let him know I exist. FML.

I once worked on an article for a whole day and only received three comments for it. Two of them were the ones I posted. FML.

I once worked on an article for a whole month and only received one comment, one of them being from myself. FML.

I have posted more comments on articles than I have actually received on my own. FML.

I actually love this site despite it not loving me back. Maybe I need to brush up on my writing skills and keep the readers more entertaining, but I am making a commitment from here on out to try and write more articles not only for Bleacher Report, but to help myself as well.