Debate: Should Minnesota Let Gardenhire Go?

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Debate: Should Minnesota Let Gardenhire Go?
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Gardenhire has had success with the Twins in his tenure, bringing six division titles to Minnesota since 2002. With the recent troubles the Twins have faced, is it time to let him go and move on?


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When you don't have the talent to compete, you aren't going to compete. Gardenhire has not been given any talent the last 3 years and its only been th...
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When Twins had talent and experience, all they needed from "Granpa Gardy" was a nice thank you and encouragement to keep doing what they know best to ...
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He's a good manager, always sticks up for his team. He does what he can with the players he has. He hasn't had a legitimate pitching rotation for year...
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here's the deal. there have been far two many times that the twins have had a situation with two men on and no outs, and not score a run. and also the...
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