Cristiano Ronaldo Signing Extension Would Guarantee Real's Long-Term Success

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2013

Here's to hoping this saga is over.

The Telegraph's Mark Ogden reported that Florentino Perez will offer Cristiano Ronaldo a new contract to stay at Real Madrid beyond 2015:

However, Pérez is now planning to meet Ronaldo during Real’s four‑game tour of the United States and offer to make him the world’s highest-paid player with a package in excess of the £330,000 a week earned by Samuel Eto’o at Anzhi Makhachkala.

Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world, so he has a case that he deserves to be paid like one. He's in a great situation at Madrid and would be making the better decision by choosing to stay with the club.

Rumors of Ronaldo's return to Manchester United have always been a bit pie in the sky. It was unlikely that the club would find the funds necessary to acquire the player, nor would he really want to leave Real Madrid. Ronaldo has even gone on record saying his future is in Spain, per the AFP via FIFA: "It's a club (United) that's been in my heart since I was there so everyone knows that I have a passion for that club but my future now is at Real Madrid and I want to be there."

By locking up Ronaldo for more years, Real Madrid are ensuring they're the team to beat in La Liga for years to come.

Ronaldo relies a lot on his speed. At 28 years old, that is only going to wane. However, he will still be very successful because he's strong enough and skilled enough on the ball to compensate for his loss of speed.

You look at Lionel Messi and wonder if he's going to be able to keep the same pace. As a smaller player, his body can't absorb the punishment quite as much. Just look at how much he struggled for fitness late in the season.

You can hitch your wagons to Ronaldo for the next four or five years and know you're not getting a steep drop-off during that time period.

While Barcelona are the reigning league champions, Madrid look to be the club in ascendancy. Barca have still yet to address a back four that is showing serious cracks, look likely to lose Thiago Alcantara and seem content to rely on Victor Valdes between the sticks. Signing Neymar is big news and great for the attack, but it does nothing to solve Barcelona's biggest issues.

Meanwhile, Madrid are ensuring one of the best players in the world will remain with the club.

Madrid are always going to finish in the top two in La Liga. The biggest questions are whether they're going to win the league and how deep they'll go in the Champions League.

Now that the club has gotten rid of the drama surrounding Jose Mourinho, it should be able to get along much better next season.

Mourinho is unquestionably a great manager and did some things at Madrid that were necessary for the club to move forward. On the whole, though, his combative personality didn't fit. His siege mentality rubbed many players—namely club captain Iker Casillas—the wrong way. Mourinho has always managed to be bigger than the club he was managing.

Carlo Ancelotti will be a stabilizing force, and with his European pedigree, you don't bet against the job becoming too big for him.

Then you also throw in the comfort of having Ronaldo for the long term. There won't be any more speculation regarding his future at the club and moves to United or Paris Saint-Germain. Nor will Ronaldo go through another "sad" period.  

I think we'll all be better off there.