Florida State Seminoles' Menelik Watson's Title Ring Says 'SEC Champs,' Not ACC

Brian LeighFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2013

Menelik Watson was a major part of Florida State's ACC championship in 2012, starting at offensive tackle and playing so well that the Oakland Raiders drafted him No. 42 in the 2013 NFL draft.

Whoever engraved his championship ring, though, clearly wasn't watching last year's conference championship game. 

The former Seminole tweeted this picture after receiving his ring on Tuesday:

There it is, permanently engraved above the names of two ACC schools: "SEC CHAMPIONS."

According to 247Sports, Watson was the top JUCO lineman in the class of 2012—had he wanted to play in the SEC, there's no doubt he could have. In fact, Auburn, along with six other schools, offered Watson a scholarship, but he turned it down to join the Seminoles.

After starting his career as a Marist basketball player, Watson—who was born in Manchester, United Kingdom—didn't start playing American football until he transferred to junior college. But he picked up the game in a hurry and started 12 of 13 games after moving to Florida State last season. That was the only year he spent in Tallahassee, but he made his presence felt by allowing just one sack.

As Watson told ESPN's Heather Dinich:

I couldn't believe it when I opened up the package. I feel privileged, and I feel slighted at the same time, but hey, I'm one in a million. I guess the ring guy was making too many and either fell asleep at the machine or he must be an SEC fan. Somebody's got some 'splainin' to do.

It's good to see that Watson is taking this in stride. This story is far more goofy than serious. Besides, Florida State already confirmed that he will be getting a replacement:

Watson will likely be more vigilant before receiving his next ring, perhaps calling ahead to make sure the engraver knows he plays in the N-, not the CFL. But then again, he was drafted by the Raiders, so who's to say this isn't the last ring of his career?