Insult to Injury: Phillies Fan Smoked in the Head by Nats Home Run Ball

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 11, 2013

Image via MLB
Image via MLB

The Wu Tang Clan once said, “Protect ya neck,” but safeguarding your cranium from a potential head injury is also advisable. 

One unfortunate Phillies fan was unable to escape harm when a home run ball flew into the stands and struck him flush in the side of the face during Wednesday night’s game between Philadelphia and the Washington Nationals.

The incident was spotted by Mark Townsend of Yahoo! Sports, and it looks like it’s probably going to leave a mark.

Nationals rookie Anthony Rendon jacked the homer in the top of the fifth, accounting for one of the four home runs hit off Cliff Lee during Washington’s 5-1 victory over Philadelphia.

Rendon’s home run was a rocket, lining over the left field wall into a cluster of Phillies fans, striking Mr. Maroon here in the head as he clambered to make the play.

Getting domed by a baseball isn’t fun, but insult is added to injury when the ball comes off the bat of the opposing team—something Nats fans didn’t neglect to notice.

It’s probably safe to assume the man wasn’t seriously injured by the hit, but it is worth mentioning that all this likely could’ve been avoided.

How? Bring a glove to the game.

Sure, a stigma goes along with bringing the glove, but pride doesn’t pay the bills, and it certainly doesn’t help you keep your head on its shoulders when heat-seeking baseballs come flying your way.

You know what does protect you in these situations? Leather on your hand.

It’s OK, you can bring a glove. I won’t judge you, bro.


Protect ya face.