Amare Stoudemire: A New Look for Life

MR. MARKCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

Amare Stoudemire has become the most intriguing power forward to watch in the NBA.

Ever since becoming the first player to come out of out of high school and win Rookie of the Year honors, Amare Stoudemire's career has been the equivalent of the Kingda Ka rollercoaster at Six Flags.

At times, Stoudemire has shown potential to become one of the most offensively dominant power forwards in history.

Other times, Stoudemire's career has been parallel to that of Penny Hardaway.

Either way, this freak of nature's return is something the entire NBA will take notice of in 2009-2010.

Of course when that happens, Mr. Standing Tall And Talented will be rocking some new, self-proclaimed "goggles".

Although this isn't exactly the second coming of Kareem Abdul Jabbar's bulbous monstrosity, Stoudemire's new eye wear will most likely be something that he will have to stick with for the remainder of his career.

While his torn iris was less career-threatening than his microfracture knee surgery, Stoudemire's eyes have given him more trouble than most realize. The injury to his iris has a high chance of becoming reaggravated again, something that might play big in the future. Furthermore, Stoudemire needs to wear eye protection even when playing with his own kids.

Even with his latest injury, Stoudemire has stated that his eyes will not give him problems for next season. In an interview, he asserts "As long as I've got eye protection, I should be okay".

Needless to say, Amare Stoudemire will look to continue his dominating ways with his newfound look.