Breaking Down Trade and Free Agency Rumors Surrounding the Vancouver Canucks

Riley KuftaContributor IIIJuly 10, 2013

VANCOUVER, CANADA - FEBRUARY 9: Goalie Cory Schneider #35 of the Vancouver Canucks is congratulated by Jason Garrison #5 and Alexander Edler #23 after defeating the Calgary Flames 5-1 during the NHL action on February 09, 2013 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Rich Lam/Getty Images

This article will be short and sweet.


Because the Vancouver Canucks really aren't involved in any rumors, trade or free agency. Since Mike Gillis took everyone by surprise and traded Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils, all has been quiet on the Canucks' front. 

But that could mean a number of things depending on how you look at it. It could mean the Canucks are in for an interesting few years, a major trade or even a change in management. 

Let's start with the possibility of a major trade. The build-up to some of the biggest trades we've seen come in one of two ways: the player is either publicly placed on the trading block and followed with weeks, months or in Roberto Luongo's case, eternity of speculation, or there is dead silence. In the Canucks' case, it could go either way. 

Prior to the NHL entry draft there were rumors that Alex Edler, whose no-trade clause kicked in on July 1, was being shopped. With that date passed, the destinations are limited, but the return for Edler could still be significant. 

Of course, this could also mean the team has nothing in the works. Depending on how the Aquilinis feel about this, the Canucks could be headed for a rebuild, or Gillis' career could be. 

If the Canuck owners support Gillis' moves and subsequent lack thereof, then it's time for us to prepare for an interesting period as fans. The Canucks will no longer be among the top teams in the league, nor in the newly formed Conference A. The next few years will see them slip in the standings, and maybe even fail to make the playoffs once or twice. 

If they don't support Gillis, then we can prepare to say goodbye to the GM who's been in charge of the team's direction for the past five years and introduce a new vision—perhaps the most attractive solution among Canuck fans, who have yet again watched the team's top young player get traded with minimal return.

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