Biggest Snubs of 2013 MLB All Star Game

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterJuly 10, 2013

One of these days, the Major League Baseball All-Star rosters are going to be absolutely perfect and there’s going to be absolutely nothing to complain ab…


Sorry, I just couldn’t finish that sentence. I doubt there will ever be All-Star rosters made up of all the players who belong and only the players who belong, as popularity and other silly things are always going to be factors when the rosters are put together. We’re probably going to be complaining about All-Star snubs until doomsday.

That’s an activity that B/R Pop Culture Lead Writer Gabe Zaldivar and I were game for, so we got together to break down our biggest All-Star snubs for the American and National League rosters. Fans who call Oakland, Tampa Bay, Washington D.C. and Cincinnati home ought to agree with our selections.

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