Red Bull Hare Scramble Dirt Bikers Suffer Huge Pile Up at Bottom of Pit

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Red Bull Hare Scramble Dirt Bikers Suffer Huge Pile Up at Bottom of Pit
Photo Credit: YouTube

If ever there was a need for someone to direct traffic, it would have been at the recent Red Bull Hare Scramble. 

Logan Rhoades of BuzzFeed spotted this video featuring futility that led to a literal pile of dirt bikers who made one bad decision too many during the race. 

Like Star Wars' Sarlacc gobbling people up, this pit seems to be having a far better day than any person who got onto a bike that day. 

Here is the video with some understandable NSFW language peppering the end. 

Now, my own expertise for such things is relegated to making tracks on Nintendo's Excitebike, so I welcome anyone out there with knowledge to sound off on how something like this could happen.

It really seems like the riders had two choices when approaching this portion of the course. Behind what looks to be a dune of demise there is a bigger hill that seems to be proving just as difficult.

At the :51 second mark, you can see bikers in the distance having a tough time getting up a steep hill, so we assume some decided to go around it, only to find out that decision led to the bottom of one efficient bike valet.

We only hope everyone made it to safety without any injuries. At the 1:00 minute mark, it looks like one rider was trapped under his bike, only to be helped by another to get free.

The video then cuts out, leaving all of us with the assumption that there are still bikers falling into this pit and may very well continue falling into it until the end of time. 

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