Manny Ramirez Roids Up: Who Would've Guessed

trevor sniegowskiContributor IMay 7, 2009

Manny Ramirez joined a growing group of all-stars that have been linked to steroid use.

Now this raises a lot of questions about the Los Angeles Dodgers season, like will they make the playoffs with Man-ram out for 50 games? Who will take Ramirez's place in left? That's not really what most people want to hear about though, most sports fans want to know, why?

For the past who knows how many years, no one has even suspected Ramirez to be affiliated with any type of drug usage, and he certainly didn't look like he needed to use them either.

From all of the press and media that I've watched and read today, they say Ramirez took enhancers for women, or HCG as most people have been referring to it.

Now let's take a minute and think here: Ramirez said these drugs were prescribed by a doctor, and they helped build muscle mass. Sound like a steroid to you?

What I don't get, is that for all of the years in Boston, he was always in the power part of the line up, and he never once tested positive for any type of drug, so why start now?

That was even when he was in the prime of his career. Without drugs in his system he was still the best player in the league for a few years. I think Ramirez is just trying to cover up his mistake so he won't taint his career like many other athletes do.

But really, all people make mistakes and Ramirez is going to do his time for this mistake.

It is how he responds/tests for the next year or two that will show whether or not he really learned his lesson from this.

This also brings up a very important question: Do you think the sure bid for Ramirez being a hall of famer will still be as likely for him now as it was yesterday? Let me know.