Golfer Explodes into Hilarious Fury After Hitting Terrible Tee Shot

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 10, 2013

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

Life would be so much easier had golf never been invented. 

The best way to spend a day mired in frustration continues to be on the golf course, trying to hit a little ball into a tiny hole, and I know this irate golf bro would agree. 

The video comes from Reddit (h/t Stephen Douglas of the Big Lead) and features one man attempting to enjoy his down time by smacking a golf ball all over the course on what looks to be a beautiful day. 

As we all know, golf is where beautiful days go to die. Here is video of what happens when one man hits one shank too many, complete with one huge NSFW F-bomb. 

Anyone who has ever placed a little ball on a tee only to see it blasted into the trees can empathize with this poor golfer's plight. 

Still, overreaction much?

Golf clubs are expensive—perhaps absurdly so. The thing that boggles my mind is someone off camera seems to state that it was a good shot. Hell, there are even birds chirping, leading me to believe this was possibly the greatest moment in sports history. 

Somewhere, off in the distance, something goes horribly wrong. The ball must have hit a hazard or perhaps that house on the left, because the Hulk appears where a golfer once stood. 

As if destroying his own property weren't enough, he takes out a camera and the man working it. Something tells me John Q. Golfer will not be asked to complete this crew's foursome next weekend. 


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