2013 NFL Supplemental Draft Order: Where Every Franchise Will Be Selecting

Benjamin Klein@BenjaminJKleinContributor IIIJuly 11, 2013

Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks before the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the year again where each National Football League team has the opportunity to add more talent, but tends to pass nearly 100 percent of the time.

Later today, all 32 teams will partake in the 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft, which is done via email. There are only six eligible prospects, so don’t waste your time trying to complete a last-minute mock draft. There have been fewer than 50 players to ever get drafted in the supplemental draft. A prospect really needs to be talented in order to get taken.

This year, however, there are a few teams that may look to fork over a pick in the 2014 draft in order to land some immediate depth. The order is exact of that from the NFL draft, so the Kansas City Chiefs will have first grabs at one of the six prospects. If anyone is drafted, though, it likely won’t be until the sixth round.

Here’s a look at the draft order for Thursday’s supplemental draft, with a peak at a pair of organizations who may decide to select a player instead of passing to the next team in line.  


Complete 2013 NFL Supplemental Draft Order

1Kansas City Chiefs
2Jacksonville Jaguars
3Oakland Raiders
4Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Lions

6Cleveland Browns
7Arizona Cardinals
8Buffalo Bills
9New York Jets
10Tennessee Titans
11San Diego Chargers
12Miami Dolphins
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14Carolina Panthers
15New Orleans Saints
16St. Louis Rams
17Pittsburgh Steelers
18Dallas Cowboys
19New York Giants
20Chicago Bears
21Cincinnati Bengals
22Washington Redskins
23Minnesota Vikings
24Indianapolis Colts
25Seattle Seahawks
26Green Bay Packers
27Houston Texans
28Denver Broncos
29New England Patriots
30Atlanta Falcons
31San Francisco 49ers
32Baltimore Raves
Note: All seven rounds follow same order.


Teams That May Use A Pick

New England Patriots

The Patriots don’t have the depth at wide receiver in order to make a deep run in the postseason again next year. While there are still some talented wideouts, it’s nothing compared to what Tom Brady has been used to in the past. Danny Amendola will likely be the No. 1 option, but after that, there isn’t a ton of notable receivers.

The loss of Wes Welker to the Broncos is really going to have a negative impact on the offense next season. That, and the fact that Brady isn’t going to have a lot of help at tight end either won’t bode well. Rob Gronkowski seems to have surgery at least once per month, and Jake Ballard wasn’t able to play at all last season—and it's unknown how he'll bounce back.

New England took a pair of receivers at the 2013 NFL draft—Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce—but it wouldn’t hurt to add another in the supplemental draft. Bill Belichick can definitely find a way to land some late-round picks for next year’s draft, so he shouldn’t be hesitant to use a sixth- or seventh-rounder here.

O.J. Ross, who’s out of Purdue, might be a guy that the Patriots take a chance on. Ross had several problems with off-field issues throughout his career with the Boilermakers, but was still impressive when he was eligible to play. In three seasons at Purdue, Ross caught 100 passes for 959 yards with six touchdowns.


Detroit Lions

Detroit was once again one of the most disappointing teams in the league this past season, winning just four games. The Lions ranked right in the middle of the pack in points per game (23.2), and the offense really needs to improve in order to be more successful in the upcoming season.

In reality, all the Lions have on offense is Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. That’s not going to be enough to make the playoffs in 2013. Reggie Bush was a solid pickup, but he likely won’t make much of a difference. Stafford needs more options down the field so that Detroit can put more points on the board.

Detroit had to have known that it struggled on offense last season, but instead, decided to put a large emphasis on defense at the draft. Three of the team’s top four picks were prospects who play defense. The lone offensive prospect was Larry Warford, who’s an offensive lineman.

Corey Fuller and Michael Williams, sixth- and seventh-round picks, were the lone two prospects who might catch a pass next year. You could argue that Theo Reddick might as well. Why not draft Dewayne Peace just to see what happens? He caught 67 passes for 708 yards and two touchdowns in two seasons at Houston. He may be worth a seventh-rounder in 2014.