Odds of Possible New York Yankees Trades Actually Happening

Anthony MaimoneFeatured ColumnistJuly 10, 2013

Odds of Possible New York Yankees Trades Actually Happening

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    The New York Yankees are currently on the longest roller coaster ride there is. Its name is the first half of the regular season.

    Despite the inconsistent play the Yankees are still very much in the thick of both the division and wild card races.

    That simply means with the trade deadline three weeks away the Yankees should be very active in filling the holes that have held them back.

    The Yankees are always swirled in rumors and most don't seem to pan out, but you can count on the Yankees to do something.

Alex Rios

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    Odds of a trade: Highly Unlikely

    There are many reasons why the odds the Yankees complete a trade for Chicago White Sox's outfielder Alex Rios are not good.

    It is a shame too because there may not be another player that is seemingly available at the deadline who could help the Yankees more than Rios.

    The Yankees' offense has been a slump all season. Alex Rios is one of the best all-around hitters in the American League.

    This season, Rios became the first player since 1993 to finish a game 6-6 with two stolen bases. Plug him into the middle of the Yankee lineup with Robinson Cano then all of a sudden the Yanks have some pop.

    Unfortunately two major hurdles prevent the Yankees from getting Rios.

    The first is the cost in prospects it would take to get Rios might be a price the Yankees are not willing to pay or even have to offer.

    To make matters worse, even if they were manage to work out a deal, according to Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune, the Yankees are one of six teams Rios could block a trade to.

    Without some sort of contract incentive, its possible Rios just decides to stay put rather than join New York.

Phil Hughes

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    Odds of a trade: Unlikely

    According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Phil Hughes can officially be added to the list of players the Yankees would be willing to move by the deadline.

    Moving Hughes makes a lot of sense for the Yankees because he holds some value still and can help the Yankees fill needs elsewhere.

    I've said for the longest time that I feel Hughes could find success in the National League and it seems like there may be a time when that could have some interest.

    Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com states that the San Francisco Giants will look to trade for a starting pitcher for the first time in years.

    That's good news for the Yankees but the only problem is what the Yankees would look for in return. The Giants don't really have the offensive weapons the Yankees would be interested in.

    Its unlikely they would move Hughes for prospects because the Yankees realize the importance of pitching depth. If they are going to trade from there they will want an impact player for this season in return.

Veteran First Baseman

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    Odds of a trade: Likely

    With the news that Mark Teixeira will be lost for the season following wrist surgery, the Yankees can finally push forward with a move to fill the position.

    There are several first baseman that will be available at the trade deadline. The Seattle Mariners have a pair of guys in Kendrys Morales and Michael Morse who will be on the block but will hold a decent price tag.

    The player the Yankees could have a strong interest in is with a team that is going nowhere fast.

    Justin Morneau will be a free agent after the season and is readily available from the Twins. Long gone are the MVP type numbers from Morneau but he still provides a steady bat and a consistent glove.

    His power numbers have dipped dramatically but as he showed the Yankees first-hand, Morneau is still capable of leaving the yard.

    Hitting in Yankee Stadium towards the short right-field porch can only help his case.

Joba Chamberlain

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    Odds of a trade: Very Likely

    The hottest rumor going around is the Philadelphia Phillies interest in trading for Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain.

    Joba has been a flat out disappointment to the Yankees this season and even Joba will be the first to admit he isn't getting the job done.

    The Phillies are interested in him partly for his potential in the National League and the other part for a salary dump.

    The Phillies could easily move corner infielder Michael Young or catcher Carlos Ruiz to the Yankees in a deal involving Joba.

    Both players have been made available by the team and would be instant improvements to the Yankees current roster.

    This deal is more than likely to happen as it would save the Phillies close to seven million dollars and give the Yankees a player they desperately need.

    Expect this deal to be done before the deadline passes.