DeAndre Jordan's Mom Doesn't Want Him Wearing LL Cool J Outfit to ESPYs

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 10, 2013

Image via tumblr
Image via tumblr

Paradise is very nice, but not as amazing as the fashion showdown DeAndre Jordan had with his mother over Twitter on Tuesday. 

According to Sean Highkin of USA Today, the Los Angeles Clippers (other) dunking master was in the midst of asking his mother to attend the ESPY Awards with him when they came to an ideological impasse—she will absolutely not let him wear his LL Cool J get-up.

Typical mother-son argument, right? 

Jordan just wants to get his bucket hat and hiked up pant-leg on, and Mama Jordan is being a buzzkill. Granted, Cool J usually goes shirtless for special occasions, but the general idea I believe Jordan is looking for is something like this.

Mixed with this. 

I’m no fashion guru, but I think the look works. After Brian Wilson went in a spandex tuxedo in 2011, all bets were off as to what is and isn’t acceptable at the event.

After slamming home the best dunk of the NBA season, Jordan might even be a “Play of the Year” finalist. It’s a ridiculously slim chance but should he come through with it, what better way to approach the podium than with a Kangol on and a pant-leg rolled to the mid-shin?

Even if he’s kidding (likely), he might as well follow through now and bring the look back.

C’mon, mom. Let DeAndre express himself a bit. As long as he’s at your side, who cares what he’s wearing. 

As Cool J once said, “Rayon, silk or maybe even denim. It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re in 'em.”


Momma said don't wear that out.