Report: Matt Morgan Parts Ways With TNA

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 9, 2013

Courtesy Impact Wrestling
Courtesy Impact Wrestling

Huge news coming out of TNA, as Jason Powell of Pro Wrestling (h/t Wrestling Inc.) has revealed that Matt Morgan was granted his release from the company on Tuesday.

The article states:

Matt Morgan is telling colleagues that TNA released him from his contract on Tuesday. It was well known within the TNA locker room that Morgan asked company officials for his release a month ago. 

This is a smart move for both parties, as TNA has never really figured out how to utilize Morgan since his debut in 2007. For the most part, Morgan was used as hired muscle for multiple factions and never truly moved past that role. Ultimately, his biggest success was found in the company's tag team division, where he held the tag-titles twice once with Crimson and the other with Hernandez.

Outside of that, he was the first Heavyweight champion of TNA's failed India venture Ring Ka King. Sadly, that run was short-lived, as he dropped the title to Magnus one day after winning it. Ultimately, the company was not able to survive past one season and eventually folded in April 2012.

Now that Morgan is a free agent, one has to wonder what the future holds for the 36-year-old. Overall, I doubt the WWE would bring him back to the company. Simply put, he really only wrestled for the McMahons for about three years, most of which was spent in developmental.

Since then, his career really never flourished, as TNA never truly gave him a chance to live up to his nickname as the "DNA of TNA." Sadly, his move to TNA never really paid off, like it did for fellow WWE castoffs Christian, RVD and R-Truth.

As usual, we will have to wait and see what happens with Morgan. Even if he signs with the WWE, fans will not see him on TV until at least October, and even then it's not certain if he will be on the main roster or relegated to NXT.

In the end, Morgan might be better off staying away from the big leagues for a while. The fact is, many former top-tier wrestlers have found a new life by touring the Indy scene. Which, to me, could prove to be a great fit for Morgan and allow him a chance to pursue outside projects without being committed to one company.