Every Projected Butler Starter's Signature Highlight

Joe Boozell@@Eoj_LlezoobContributor IIJuly 11, 2013

Every Projected Butler Starter's Signature Highlight

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    For the past five years, Butler Bulldogs basketball has seemed like a made-for-Disney film.

    The Bulldogs have had plenty of special moments. While they range from buzzer-beaters to unlikely postseason runs to a canine mascot who would make Air Bud jealous, Butler always has a flare for the dramatic.

    On the heels of a shocking coaching change, new head coach Brandon Miller will hope to create similar moments that defined the program during Brad Stevens' tenure.

    Here are the signature moments for each projected Butler starter at this point in their careers.

Alexander Barlow's Game Winner Against Indiana

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    Talk about a feel-good story.

    Alexander Barlow was an afterthought when he arrived at Butler. In fact, he was more heralded as a baseball player coming out of Ohio than as a basketball player.

    Knowing he probably wasn't going to go pro in either sport, he knew he wanted to be a basketball coach one day. So why not learn under the best by playing for then Butler head coach Brad Stevens?

    The impact Barlow had on the 2012-2013 Butler squad can't be measured in numbers...except for the biggest two points he ever scored in his life in the waning seconds on December 15, 2012 to knock off then No. 1 Indiana.

    People wonder why the ball ended up in Barlow's hands with the game tied and under five seconds to go in the game.

    For starters, Roosevelt Jones, Andrew Smith and Erik Fromm had all fouled out at that point. Rotnei Clarke was the only player whom Indiana chose to focus on defensively, which Barlow to steal the show.

    And he did. The sophomore walk-on shocked a Bankers Life Fieldhouse crowd that witnessed one of the best games in recent college basketball history while also giving short and slow basketball hopefuls everywhere something to be thankful for.

Kellen Dunham Hits 5 3-Pointers Against North Carolina

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    Nicknames are an integral part of every college basketball team's fanbase. While some believe this is because they are fun and catchy, I tend to err more on the side of most students having short attention spans.

    Anyway, on November 20, 2012, against North Carolina and James Michael McAdoo—who played more like McAdon't that game—the legend of "Downpour Dunham" was born.

    The freshman drilled five three-pointers and led the Bulldogs with 17 points, sending them to the Maui Invitational championship game against Illinois. 

    This game needs to serve as one thing to Dunham: a reference point. 

    While it's hard to argue with his successful freshman season, he tended to disappear against quality competition, being stifled by smarter and more physical defenders.

    He failed to reach double digits in scoring against Illinois, Marquette (twice), Indiana, St. Louis (twice), Xavier and Bucknell in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

    Without backcourt mate Rotnei Clarke, shots aren't going to come easy for Dunham. He is going to need to develop a penetration game or more strength coming off screens in order to come up big for the Bulldogs when they need him most.

    Just like he did against the Tar Heels.

Roosevelt Jones' Buzzer Beater Against Gonzaga

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    Every Butler fan remembers where he was at the time of this Roosevelt Jones floater to knock off the No. 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs on January 19, 2013.

    It was the perfect ending to a remarkable Saturday for Butler.

    College GameDay was in town for the first time all year, which had students and fans buzzed from the start. Kevin Schwartz, the student chosen to take the half-court shot sponsored by State Farm, drained it on his first try and won $18,000. 

    And then it was game time. As usual, the Bulldogs were underdogs against Gonzaga.

    Rotnei Clarke missed the game due to a neck injury, which caused many fans outside of the Butler bubble to speculate if Butler even had a chance to compete against the No. 1 team in the nation. Gonzaga featured Kelly Olynyk—who, ironically, is now coached by Brad Stevens on the Boston Celtics—and several other odd-looking yet skilled players.

    Jones had other ideas. To make the shot was one thing, but what was truly amazing was how bizarre the play was.

    Any by bizarre, I mean...what on earth was the in-bounder doing? Luckily, Jones had the presence of mind to snatch the ball out of the air, know exactly how much time was left and seal the deal for Butler.

    Fans hope that highlight or two of this quality will be turned in by Jones in his junior campaign.

Khyle Marshall's Elite 8 Performance Against Florida

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    While Florida Gators fans were busy arguing about with NFL team Tim Tebow would make the best third-string clipboard holder for, they forgot to recruit guys like Khyle Marshall.

    Hailing from Davie, Florida, Marshall had something to prove against the school that failed to recruit him coming out of high school. So what better stage was there than the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament?

    On March 26, 2011, Marshall was a spark plug off the bench for Butler, scoring 10 points and grabbing seven rebounds in just 21 minutes, as Butler upset the No. 2 seed en route to a Final Four berth.

    Many believed that Marshall would develop into a capable No. 2 option in his sophomore and junior years based on his performance in the 2011 Big Dance.

    Unfortunately, Marshall has been plagued by inconsistency. As a senior, Marshall will need to bring the energy he brought to each and every game as a young pup in 2010-2011. He's the senior leader on a team with a rookie head coach, which only puts more pressure on his shoulders.

Kameron Woods Against Xavier

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    I have said it on numerous occasions: Kameron Woods might be the most dynamic player on the Butler roster.

    His game on March 9, 2013, against top rival Xavier proved just as much. In just 21 minutes of action, Woods scored 15 points, pulled down five rebounds and swatted three shots with his Jordan-in-Space-Jam-like arms to secure a five-point win for the 'Dawgs.

    After being in the doghouse for the beginning of his sophomore year, Woods burst onto the scene in February and March. Butler is going to need him to be that guy, not the guy who failed to supplant Erik Fromm on the depth chart for a good chunk of last season.

    The most impressive part of his Xavier performance? He missed just one shot in seven attempts, with most of them being mid-range jumpers. 

    To this point, Woods' entire career can be described as a constant highlight reel with several gaps in between. In order to become the force he's capable of being, he needs to make games like the Xavier one a regularity, not a rarity.