MLB Idiot of the Week

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 9, 2013

Idiots continue to abound.

The MLB season is ready to come to a brief respite at the All-Star break, but we know full well that dunderheadedness will never subside. 

Welcome back to another rousing installment of “MLB Idiot of the Week,” where we select two players, managers or baseball personalities and call them out for their knuckleheaded ways. 

Join MLB Lead Writer Zachary Rymer and MLB Contributor Gabe Zaldivar as they break down some egregious gaffes from the land of baseball. 

Of course, we are here to merely nominate a couple of dumdums. The important part lies in your hands. Drop down a name in the comments section for the person you would like crowned idiot of the week. Yes, you can of course include the co-hosts as well. As we well know, they are some of your favorite nominees.    

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