Breaking Down Arsenal's New 2013-14 Away Kit

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistJuly 9, 2013

(Image via 101 Great Goals)
(Image via 101 Great Goals)

Arsenal unveiled their new 2013-14 away kit on Tuesday and brought back a familiar theme. The team will return to a yellow uniform for the first time since 2009, a look popularized back in the days of "The Invincibles." 

Hopefully a new twist on an old kit will inspire something else the club hasn't seen in years—a trophy.

Arsenal tweeted out a picture of several players modeling the new uniform at their unveiling: 

Meanwhile, Nike tweeted a shot of Jack Wilshere showing off the new kit in front of a red backdrop:

You have to admit, that's a sick picture.    

It's not too surprising the club would return to yellow this season, seeing as this season will be the last year of Nike's contract with the club. Puma takes over next season in an extremely lucrative agreement for Arsenal, so clearly Nike decided to harken back to an old look for the Gunners in the designer's Arsenal swan song. 

Personally, I think this is a really sharp look for the Gunners. The yellow is traditional, sure, but that blue collar is nice, as is the subtle blue stripe on the end of the short-sleeve shirts.

And how about those socks?

I'll admit, the socks threw me off at first, but I dig them. For better or worse, they sure are distinctive and fun. As someone much cooler than me would probably say, I'm not mad at them. 

Arsenal were certainly expecting the reception for these uniforms to be positive. Check out the preview video they posted to hype the unveiling:

Of course, these new kits would be really great if they were being modeled by Gonzalo Higuain, or Luis Suarez, or Marouane Fellaini, or...

Well, you get the point. 


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