WWE Continues to Tease Ultimate Warrior in WWE 2K14

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 9, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE 2K14 looks like it might have more tassels and rope shaking than any other recent WWE video game. Former WWE champ Ultimate Warrior is a likely addition to the game's roster.

On October 29, WWE fans will get their chance to play as the face-painted powerhouse against the stars of today and legends like Steve Austin and Randy Savage. At least that's what the official Twitter account for WWE 2K Games has strongly hinted at.

Fans saw the following tweet on Monday:

WWE 2K Games shared another photo via Twitter on Tuesday, adding that this mystery man “wore face paint.”

Most children of the Hulkamania era can recognize those bulging muscles right away. The scarring from the first photo appears to be straight out of the image below. The tanned and toned pectoral muscles from the second isn't an exact match, but definitely looks to belong to Warrior.

Despite a non-confirmation report from PWInsider (via WrestleZone.com), it appears that the man who defeated Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI is headed to the world of modern WWE video games.

Details about the upcoming game have not been plentiful. The fact that 2K Sports took over WWE game-making duties from THQ should lead to improved gaming or at least a revamp of the series, but little has been released about the game that has to follow the Attitude Era-centered WWE 13.

Other than the fact that The Rock is on the cover and that Savage and Shawn Michaels are on the game's roster (via the first trailer), there's not a lot of concrete info on what to expect from the new game.

Adding the Warrior to the mix should be fun regardless of which other legends are a part of the game. Nostalgia will meet modern technology.

Warrior was a part of WWE video games during the 16-bit portion of game history as well as in WWE All-Stars.

This time around, he will look a lot more like the real thing. His presence will allow gamers to relive Savage vs. Warrior matches of the past or see what Ryback vs. Warrior would look like.

Keep an eye on the WWE 2K Games Twitter account for more mysterious close-ups. If you see purple wristbands or lime green tights, consider it undeniable proof of the Warrior coming to your gaming system.