Nick Swisher Embarrassed by Brayan Pena Tag Out, Falls Down Running Bases

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 9, 2013

There have been worse days at the office, but Monday night wasn’t Nick Swisher’s best outing. 

The Cleveland Indians’ resident bro/first baseman had a night he’ll likely want to forget when his team faced off against the Detroit Tigers. In short, Swisher made a fundamental error in judgment, which would be followed up by an unceremonious spill to the earth.

Rob Rogacki of Bless You Boys noticed the first incident and crafted some beautiful GIFs of Swisher lazily failing to run out a slow ground ball—a misjudgment that Tigers catcher Brayan Pena made him pay for in embarrassing fashion.

Swisher was at the plate in the bottom of the eighth when he knocked a dribbler down the third base line. The ball toed along the outside of the chalk for a few yards, and instead of running to first, Swisher stood by waiting for his next chance at bat. Whoops.

Enough credit cannot be given to Pena for sticking to fundamentals and following the ball down the line. The moment the ball tumbled fair, the catcher was up and running like a terrier with a "present" for its master.

Only problem for Swisher—that present was a surprise trip to the dugout. Pena’s tag left him stupefied, and the catcher romped away happier than ever. Could Pena’s smile have been any bigger? I submit it could not.

The day didn’t get any easier for Swisher, who later took a spill running the basepaths in the bottom of the 10th as the Indians trailed 4-2, as noticed by For The Win's Simon Samano.

Sometimes, it’s just not your day.