Twitter Reaction to Stephanie McMahon Firing Vickie Guerrero on WWE Raw

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 9, 2013

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Vickie Guerrero heard the two words from Stephanie McMahon she didn't want to hear on Monday's WWE Raw.

Some folks on Twitter reacted to Vickie getting fired with pity, and some were in awe of her animalistic response to the news. On an episode that featured the debut of the Wyatt family, John Cena and Mark Henry delivering on the mic and two great matches from the Money in the Bank All-Star match, the fact that Vickie was still a well-discussed topic is a sign that WWE is doing something right with her storyline.

Caught in the middle of the tug of war between the McMahons, Vickie has shifted from being the hated, grating authority figure to a character that has churned up pathos.

On Monday, she climbed on a ladder in the ring and spoke of how she has climbed the corporate ladder in a male-dominated world. Once she heard that the WWE fans would vote on whether she has passed or failed at being WWE Raw's managing supervisor, her tone toward the audience became much more pleasant.

Arda Ocal pointed out the parallels of her and her late husband both doing promos atop ladders.

Her last-minute pandering to the crowd wasn't enough. She received a failing grade from 75 percent of fans who voted online.

She later sat in front of Triple H and Vince and Stephanie McMahon, awaiting her verdict.

Triple H wanted Vickie fired. Vince wanted her to keep her job. In one man's eyes she's been doing a terrible job; in the other's, she's been entertaining.

Vickie kissed up, pleaded and whined without a smidgen of pride left. In the end, the family turned to Stephanie to decide. She thought it best to let the fan vote be the determining factor.

David Herro pondered how this would factor into Vickie's unemployment application.

Stephanie quoted her dad and told Vickie, "You're fired."

Vickie was out, and Brad Maddox soon took her place. Talk about a job with high turnover.

The highlight of the segment was Vickie's emotional breakdown in response to losing her job. She climbed onto the desk in the ring and howled, grunted, cried and screamed. She rolled around the mat like a child.

It was equal parts funny and pitiful.

Reaction to her outburst included a comparison to her being possessed.

She also earned some praise for the performance.

A small sliver of the population had a unique perspective.

With WWE Raw teeming with surprises and great action in recent weeks, one would think that Vickie's job would be safe. The period from Payback to Money in the Bank has given fans the quality they have been demanding.

Instead, an escalating power struggle between the McMahons swept Vickie out of her position.

She can at least take solace in the fact that her firing didn't go as badly as Eric Bischoff's, as The Fan's Podcast pointed out.

With her assistant promoted to GM and her pride shattered, Vickie boxed her belongings and headed out the door. Ryback offered her a surprise hug on the way out.

Vickie may not be gone long, though. She's been fired and rehired before.

Maddox can't feel confident going forward. His is a job as impermanent as the WWE head writer position.

Vickie may come in again if he fails, but for now she's been excused.