The McMahon Family Is The Best Target For the Wyatt Family

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJuly 8, 2013

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To live up to the hype—the McMahon Family might be the only target big enough for the Wyatt Family.

When we first started hearing that “they're coming” I thought Chris Jericho would be a logical choice for a first feud with the Wyatt Family. Jericho knows how to get anyone over. He can be sympathetic and heroic. He stands for everything the Wyatts seem to be against based on their promos.

Jericho, however, is in a feud with Ryback and is always a scheduling variable with his other ventures, mainly Fozzy.

The Miz is another option for the Wyatts. He's an option because he's a babyface and he has lost a lot of relevancy in the last year, compared to what he once had (main eventing WrestleMania with The Rock and John Cena). However, The Miz can't get himself over as a babyface, and he wouldn't do any good helping get the new attraction of the Wyatts over.

Randy Orton is the third option only because he's just there. He isn't contending for any titles. He won't win Money in the Bank. If he needs something important to do, first Wyatt Family feud is pretty important. But Orton would be a disappointment.

A disappointment because there has been so much hype surrounding the debut. Raw ended last week with a video for them teasing they would debut tonight. USA Network is running commercials during the week promoting the debut.

Forget single babyfaces who should be the first feud. The family that's just as crazy as the Wyatts, just in different ways, could be the best option. The McMahon Family wouldn't be a let down if they were the target of the debut segment. It just so happens, Vince, Stephanie and Triple H are all advertised to appear in the ring at the same time when they give a job evaluation to Vickie Guerrero.

For weeks we've been hearing about sheep in wolves' clothing and fear. Is there anything that makes more sense than the Wyatt Family coming for the rich family that owns WWE?

Not saying it's going to be what happens, but it does seem to be the most exciting.