NCAA Football 14: Highlighting Most Anticipated Features

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 8, 2013

Photo via EASports
Photo via EASports

The release of NCAA Football 14 on Tuesday, July 9 has video game and college football fans across the nation ready for the excitement from one of EA Sports' best annual titles.

While so much anticipation surrounding a game usually causes the casual and hardcore fans alike to be disappointed, the game developers have done an amazing job to ensure that this is one of the best college football games ever.

All of the following features make this game a must-own.

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The Infinity Engine 2

EA Sports has used the Infinity Engine for the Madden series over the years, but the infusion of the second generation of the development into the NCAA Football series will make this the best game yet.

One of the most intriguing new features included in the innovations this year is the stumble recovery engine. For the more elusive runners, the feature will help keep them balanced and allow them to catch themselves before they fall.

Add in the major overall improvements to the running game—improved trucking animations and more effective stiff-arm and spin moves—and there is no doubt that the addition of the Infinity Engine 2 is a perfect upgrade to the series.


Overall Presentation

One of the main focuses of the 2014 edition of the series is the upgrades to the visual presentation in-game and on the menu screens.

Not only can fans expect amazing on-field images, but the menus have also been streamlined to quicken the time between selecting the game mode and starting the game. Fewer loading screens are always good.

Another major improvement is on commentary.

While we still get the recognizable voices of Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit, the sound bytes will now be more game-specific. Add in the addition of ESPN's Rece Davis and David Pollack doing the halftime show, and the commentary upgrade was a success.


Dynasty Mode

There are plenty of fans who love the NCAA Football series who enjoy it almost solely because of the dynasty mode. With the ability to control the whole football program and recruiting, it’s the kind of game mode hardcore fans live for.

Fans have called for so many improvements to the mode over the years, but EA Sports' overhaul for 2014 should have all college football fans excited for the possibilities this edition opens for the players.

Just as players can be upgraded in the campus legend mode, coaches in the dynasty mode can be improved in different categories, including offensive and defensive coordinator, recruiting and game management.

The recruiting has been overhauled as well and is now the most interactive and entertaining version to date. While many gamers don’t enjoy the recruiting portion of the series, this year’s format will have even the most stubborn fans intrigued.


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