Debate: Should the Cubs Look into Trading Starlin Castro?

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Debate: Should the Cubs Look into Trading Starlin Castro?
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With top SS prospect Javier Baez being promoted in the minors and Starlin Castro struggling to develop, should the Cubs look into trading Castro?


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This debate cracks me up. It comes down to two simple things: 1) Should the Cubs be willing to listen to offers for Castro if they are presented with...
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I think we should consider a move to 3b or OF for Castro and the only way I trade him is if we land an ace like Price. Otherwise he's to young and to ...
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absolutely. He has never been a 'winning' ballplayer; even when he was going good his lapses of concentration were the thing of legend. His defense i...
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All you experts are hilarious with your comments. I guarantee all of you were praising Castro the last two years and dumping on him now. Put him at se...
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Wow...It's like people on here forgot what kinda numbers he was put up the past couple of seasons. Castro has not even reached his potential yet...the...
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OMG for christ sakes the guy is only 23 years old!!! and is already a 2 time allstar calm down its just a slump
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