Rockstar Spud Interview: The Role of Heels, OVW Experiences and His TNA Future

Chris Wilkerson@The_WilkersonCorrespondent IIJuly 8, 2013

Rockstar Spud wants to make a true Impact in TNA
Rockstar Spud wants to make a true Impact in TNA

I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to TNA British Boot Camp winner and future TNA talent Rockstar Spud recently about his current role, his future and the business he is hoping to crack.

Since winning the British Boot Camp competition last year, the Rockstar has toured the UK with the American company and made his TV debut.

After the early burning glory, he was moved out to America and into TNA's developmental system.

Spud talked about his experiences in OVW since being signed to a TNA contract, and the lessons he has learned from Rip Rogers, Al Snow and Danny Davis as a TNA developmental talent. 

Questions ranged from what he wants to do in the future to how he sees the characters in pro wrestling being used in the ring. 

He was questioned on whether TNA's X Division is doing enough to get people interested in the storylines rather than just high spots and incredible athletics, and whether he could make a name for himself in the division.

On seeing himself fitting into the X Division on the TNA main roster, Spud said "Just give me a chance to talk, and I'll hopefully bring people to watch the X Division, to care about who wins and loses, to care if somebody is trying to win and somebody may potentially lose. Give me the chance to be myself, give me the mic time and the ring time to show my personality, and I'll give it to you". 

Spud has worked as a babyface in OVW, but is well-known in England for his heel work, an area of the business he shows a lot of interest in, but he doesn't want to be a heel who remains popular with the fans.

"I'm not generating any business for my babyface, or helping my babyface, if I'm getting all the cheers. So, whatever it is they're reacting to positively, I'll just stop doing it". 

It was said with the passion of a man who does not just want to work in this business, but wants what he does to work properly.

"Al Snow's said this many times, nobody wants to be a heel. And I love being heel, I thrive on goal is always to sell tickets to get people to want to see a match, to help the promoter, myself and the boys."


The full 37-minute interview, which also includes an alternative viewpoint on the criticism of Crimson's recent return to Impact and discussion on British Bootcamp and Hulk Hogan, can be heard at