Real Talk: Mark Henry Is Back in WWE and You Should Be Excited

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJuly 7, 2013

It's not's Mark Henry! Image by
It's not's Mark Henry! Image by

The hall of pain is open for business, and it looks like many more unsuspecting Superstars will become permanent members.

Fun times indeed. Time to look forward to a hot summer in WWE.

Mark Henry, the monster "heel" is back, and this could be his best run ever.

Already, he added John Cena to his collection of victims and will soon meet him in the ring in a battle for the WWE Championship at next Sunday's Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

Could the champion actually lose his title in seven days? Will the world's strongest man show the entire universe that he means business?

Real Talk!

Fans better damn well be excited, because it has been a while since this company had a good, solid monster on the loose.

Mark Henry had a very good run last time he held a world title. His destructive persona works for him and he can deliver great promos when he wants. 

He may not be your Shawn Michaels-like performer but his size is impressive and he can take on anyone, anytime.

Let's just hope that Creative does not go the same route as always and have its monsters fed to the always-rising-above-the odds robot named John Cena.

That guy simply has to get squashed for once and learn some humility.

WWE needs a great top villain, not just a good one. Even if the champion wins the match, Mark Henry has to be made to look awesome in defeat and to survive the fall in order to fight another day.

The Ryback disaster is finally history.  Time to start following another beast.

A David vs. Goliath saga may yet begin in coming months. Daniel Bryan is huge right now, way over.

Could he be made to go against Mark Henry down the road? 2013 is half-way done, so there is plenty of time to insert this program somewhere before WrestleMania season.

Fans would absolutely love this stuff. Their hero, Daniel Bryan in a WWE Championship match at last.

Next week's match with John Cena should also be good. It is something people actually want to see.

Both parties will have to outdo themselves, because neither is a technical genius or a high-flying master. 

Make no mistake about it though, Mark Henry is back and hungrier than ever. His taste for gold will not be satiated with just one match and he will not let John Cena escape this time.

The champ will not just be passing through the hall of pain, he will be made a permanent resident courtesy of the "WSM."

These are exciting times, delightfully destructive ones.