Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Red Devils Must Hold on to Wayne Rooney

Benjamin KleinContributor IIIJuly 8, 2013

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MARCH 16:  Wayne Rooney of Manchester United celebrates scoring the opening goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Reading at Old Trafford on March 16, 2013 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester United manager David Moyes can’t give in to the clubs that are pursuing Wayne Rooney this summer.

Rooney is one of the top strikers in the world, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that other clubs are interested in acquiring him. Moyes recently said that Rooney wasn’t going anywhere, though, according to Joe Bernstein of the Daily Mail. Here’s what Moyes had to say regarding the star:

Wayne is not for sale. He’s a Manchester United player and will remain a Manchester United player.

We have spoken several times. Whatever happened before with Wayne we are working together now. I’ve seen a glint in his eye, he looks happy and he looks like he is going to knuckle down. I’m looking forward to working with him and he won’t be for sale.

There was a private meeting between Wayne and Sir Alex. I am moving on now. I don’t know what was said in that private meeting. As far as I am concerned, I am looking forward to getting Wayne Rooney to the right level.

He has come back in good shape and he’s excellent in the training sessions.

That seems like a definite “no,” if you ask me. But it appears that some clubs haven’t lost hope just yet and believe that they can still land Rooney from Manchester United. As Bernstein reports, Chelsea are eyeing Rooney and so are Arsenal. The scribe notes that the striker will be subject to bids of £20 million.

While the large offer would likely intrigue the Red Devils to transfer the 27-year-old, Moyes must refrain from doing so. They were the top team in the Premier League this past season, and getting rid of a player with Rooney’s abilities would be highly detrimental toward the Red Devils’ hopes of replicating that success.

Rooney scored 12 goals and had 10 assists in 22 games in the Premier League last year with Manchester United, per In five UEFA Champions League games, Rooney scored a goal and tallied three assists, per the site. He’s a great finisher and definitely has a lot of value.

Losing Rooney’s offensive capabilities would be one thing, but giving him to one of Manchester United’s rivals is a completely different story. It wouldn’t make much sense to let Chelsea or Arsenal acquire Rooney so that he could play against the Red Devils. Making a deal with either club would be a counterproductive one.

Steve Bates of the Mirror reports that Rooney will sign an extension with Manchester United as long as it doesn’t involve a pay cut. While paying him £225,000 per week may seem like a lot, the Red Devils are better off paying him that type of money instead of watching him score goals against them.

Moyes should keep the idea of moving Rooney in the back of his mind this summer, but only if he can find another suitor that will make a £20 million bid. Making a deal with Chelsea or Arsenal is like making a deal with the devil. At the moment, Moyes needs to make good on his word and keep Rooney with Manchester United.