UFC 162: Anderson Silva Handed Chris Weidman Middleweight Title

Alex Hall@@AlexKHallCorrespondent IIIJuly 7, 2013

Jul 6, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA;  Chris Weidman, blue shorts, defeated Anderson Silva (yellow shorts) in the second round with a TKO in their Middleweight Chamionship Bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Chris Weidman deserves credit for winning the middleweight title over Anderson Silva, but the latter didn't exactly give it his all. Although UFC 162 saw history as Silva lost his first match in seven years, it didn't come by losing an epic fight.

Instead, Silva embarrassed himself by taunting his opponent almost the entire bout, and it cost him. After Weidman earned the fight's first takedown in the first round, Silva responded not with fists but with showboating.

The Spider dared his opponent to punch him towards the end of the first and then kissed him after the round ended. Weidman admitted to UFC's Joe Rogan after the bout that the taunting was frustrating, but he powered through.

The new middleweight champion put an end to a lackluster fight 1:18 into the second round. Silva dropped his arms repeatedly and again dared Weidman to punch him on the chin. Weidman obliged his opponent, landing two punches, with the second knocking The Spider out.

Silva told Rogan after the fight that he "worked hard for this fight," but that hard work was far from evident on July 6. Pro Football Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson didn't see much effort from Silva last night, tweeting:

The taunting from Silva wasn't exactly unexpected, but it almost looked as if the former champion didn't care if he won or lost the bout. There was such minimal effort shown from Silva, and Weidman was the only one trying to make the match worthwhile.

While it's confusing and interesting at the same time to watch Silva's actions, the fight wasn't exciting from a MMA standpoint.

It was a short main event with more taunting than punches by the former champ. Weidman didn't exactly need to waste much energy to end the thing, either.

The new champion should be praised for keeping his composure through Silva's childish actions. Weidman fought through the mockery and taunting, simply focusing on landing punches and taking his opponent down.

With all due respect, though, it didn't seem like Silva brought his full effort to the Octagon at UFC 162. The Spider told Rogan that he won't be challenging Weidman in a rematch or fighting for any more titles in his career.

Without putting on the tin foil conspiracy hat, it doesn't take an MMA enthusiast's eye to see Silva was not his cocky yet dominant self on July 6. Instead, Silva was arrogant and sloppy, focusing on mocking his opponent more than defeating him.

Silva doesn't deserve a rematch with Weidman and perhaps that's something he realizes himself. Give credit to Weidman for doing what 10 other opponents couldn't do in taking Silva's title. Still, The Spider did lend his opponent a helping hand with his foolishness.