UFC 162: 5 Fights for Anderson Silva to Take Next

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2013

UFC 162: 5 Fights for Anderson Silva to Take Next

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    Anderson Silva lost his middleweight crown at UFC 162, but the former champion isn't done fighting.

    In the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Silva stated that he intends to keep on fighting. However, he has no interest in a rematch with Chris Weidman. He is done fighting for the title. Or so he says.

    With the pressure of being champion off his shoulders, the 38-year-old all-time great can focus on fighting who he wants. He can take the bouts that interest him, and he doesn't have to train for 25-minute battles.

    It is not time for Silva to relax. He can wind down his career in the manner he wants to without having to defend the championship. He can have fun. He has many options for his next fight. There are a plethora of interesting and entertaining opponents out there waiting for the challenge.

    Here are five opponents that Silva should look at for his next fight.

Chris Weidman

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    Silva stated that he doesn't want to fight for the title anymore, but realistically this is the fight that fans will want to see next. And it may be the most lucrative.

    Rematches sell. Especially when the fighter who just lost was invincible. A rematch with Weidman makes the most sense.

    The long-time champion could get an immediate rematch. There should be no issue there. It just would come down to whether Silva would accept the bout. Does he want the pressure of challenging for the title? He has nothing left to prove in this sport. However, he could show that Weidman was just better on one night.

    If the UFC can talk Silva in to taking the fight, it would result in the biggest pay-per-view they could possibly do following a Silva loss.

Chael Sonnen

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    I am sure I'll be ducking a few thrown objects for even suggesting this fight, but it has to be said.

    There is still interest in the Silva-Sonnen rivalry. It is a fight that could sell decently well, and if Silva is serious about not wanting to fight for a title then what is the issue?

    Both fighters are winding down their careers, and both would not be fighting for anything related to the gold. It could even be fought at 205-pounds so that weight cutting would not be an issue. It would work out for everyone involved, and would give the UFC a headlining fight for a smaller PPV.

    Sonnen was finished both times, but in both fights he looked good. It wouldn't sell as well as their second encounter, but both fighters could make good money by finishing the trilogy.

Cung Le

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    Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

    UFC: Spinning S%$& can occur.

    This would be one of the most entertaining and creative striking affairs in recent memory. Cung Le and Anderson Silva would be exciting to watch. When both were champions there was a sense of excitement about this bout.

    Silva would be heavily favored, and rightfully so. However, how many times do opportunities like this come along? Two high-level, creative strikers who have nothing to lose? Line them up as a co-main event and let them scrap. Let's see who could do the most inane thing inside the cage.

    Let them have fun, and let someone end up unconscious.

Rashad Evans

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    Rashad Evans moved up to No. 4 after defeating Dan Henderson, but there is not much interest in a Jon Jones rematch.

    Evans has stated recently that he'd be interested in big middleweight fights, but following the loss there is no need for that. Silva can fight at 205-pounds or at a 195-pound catchweight.

    Now is the time to make this fight.

    Evans is a dynamic, fast athlete with knockout power and a penchant for showboating himself. Lock him in a cage with Anderson Silva and you will have a bout that will be worth the PPV price tag without a title belt on the line. Both of these guys can entertain.

    Silva vs. Evans may be the most enticing fight on the table.

Nick Diaz

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    I saved this one for last, because I believe it could be the single most entertaining fight that Silva could take.

    The former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion is ready to return to action, and a fight with Silva would get fans excited.

    Oh Nick Diaz - broke up with his girl, wants a fight now, Dana says he will get him a fight if that's what he wants #UFC

    — Damon Martin (@DamonMartin) July 7, 2013

    Yes, please. Against Anderson Silva.

    This potential fight would be extraordinary. Diaz loves to stand and bang, and he talks trash while doing it. He has a great chin. Silva would be happy to strike with him while doing taunting of his own. This is a magnificent spectacle of a fight.

    If Silva and Diaz want big fights that are entertaining then they should look no further than one another. This fight has little relevance other than being a fun fight. We shouldn't need anything more than that.