Book It: The Legacy Reforms, Starts a Feud with the Wyatt Family

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistJuly 6, 2013

We have seen weeks and weeks of promos hyping the Wyatt Family—currently in NXT—to be called up to the main roster. The creepy, cryptic message of "We're coming" has resonated throughout WWE programming, and most are anticipating their official television debut.

Well, the anticipation is reaching its apex.

The trio is set to infiltrate the WWE airwaves on this coming Raw, and many are wondering what kind of impact they are going to make right from the start. From all the hype, it better be good. However, they have another impressive trio to compete with—The Shield.

Let's face it—there will be no titles in the near future for the Wyatt Family. It is already difficult to figure out who they are going to feud with since there are very few babyfaces who are not already locked in a current feud. Furthermore, neither Curtis Axel nor Dean Ambrose—both heels—with be feuding with Wyatt and his team.

Kane and Chris Jericho are two options. Kane is, for the most part, away from his Team Hell No alliance with Daniel Bryan, just being placed in the Money in the Bank match. His size has the ability to match up with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. However, in the state that Kane is in, he would not propel the group's status much by putting them over.

Same goes for Chris Jericho.

Although one of the most consummate professionals in the business, Jericho's win-loss record has been all but impressive. In fact, this goes for most of his WWE career, losing more matches than he has won. Yes, he is a multi-time world champion—and my personal favorite—but the facts are the facts. Jericho has put people over so much that he oftentimes comes in as the underdog, which would not help the Wyatt Family.

Despite this, Jericho could be used as a target by the Wyatt Family, causing a beatdown and subsequent write-off for his tour with Fozzy. This could possibly set up something with Bray Wyatt in the future, with a match between the two most likely to impress us similar to their bout in NXT.

In order to really put the Wyatt Family on the map and live up to the hype, they really need to be involved in one of the most focused feuds of the summer. As a trio, it would only be fitting to battle with another trio, leading to a match at SummerSlam and even the following pay-per-views.

This is where The Legacy comes in.

Neither Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes nor Ted DiBiase are heavily involved in any angle right now (with the exception of Orton's tie-up angle with Daniel Bryan that is reaching its end). The Legacy, while it existed, was a formidable group that made much noise during its brief stint, feuding with John Cena and DX. The culmination of the trio even led to a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania 26, solidifying Randy Orton's babyface turn. 

While Orton would rather be a heel, he along with others—namely John Cena, Triple H and CM Punk—should take some of the load off Jericho and start putting people over.

The Legacy and The Wyatt Family could easily trade singles match victories leading to a PPV. However, when it all settles, The Wyatt Family gets the last laugh and is on the winning side of a bitter rivalry.

The Legacy as a babyface, but edgy, group would be interesting to see as well. Moreover, with the current status of Cody Rhodes and especially Ted DiBiase, I am sure both of them would be in favor of this idea.

What are your thoughts on The Legacy vs. The Wyatt Family? Sound off civilly with your thoughts.


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