WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Preview and Predictions

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Preview and Predictions

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    Money in the Bank is right around the corner, and every match that will take place at the pay-per-view has been set.

    The MITB matches are some of the hardest matches to predict, because so many people involved in the matches seem like viable winners.

    There is also always the possibility that someone will cash in their case the same night, or the following night on Raw. It makes it feel like anything could happen at any time.

    In this slideshow, I will do my best to predict the outcomes for one of the most unpredictable nights of the year.

The Usos vs. The Shield (Tag Title Match)

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    The Pre-Show, or kickoff as it is now called, will feature The Usos challenging The Shield's Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the Tag Team Championships.

    The Usos have had a string of victories to build them up into viable contenders, but there is always the possibility that they have been built up in order to put The Shield over.

    There is a severe lack of babyface tag teams in WWE at the moment, and they couldn't keep pairing singles stars together to challenge The Shield. The Usos were the best option.

    I think The Usos will put up a good fight, but The Shield will most likely retain the titles. They might not win the match, but they could always get disqualified or counted out.

    Prediction: The Shield Will Retain Their Titles.

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

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    This match is not that important in the grand scheme of things, but it will give us some idea of where Ryback will go following the PPV.

    If Ryback wins, then he is not down and out yet, but if he loses to Jericho then it is clear that the big push is over for the monster.

    Jericho always seems to be in flux. He wins some matches, then he loses some matches. Considering he has a tour coming up, it seems logical that Ryback could do something to write Jericho off TV during their match.

    With Ryback having called of a match with Miz due to an injury, he is certainly not heading into this match looking very strong.

    Prediction: Chris Jericho Wins, Ryback Freaks Out And Injures Jericho.

AJ vs. Kaitlyn (Divas Title Match)

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    AJ Lee didn't win the Divas title from Kaitlyn just so she could lose it back to her. AJ is the best heel the Divas division has had in a long time, and they need to keep the title on her.

    Prediction: AJ Lee Wins And Retains Divas Title.

Miz vs. Curtis Axel (IC Title Match)

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    Curtis Axel has been paired with Paul Heyman, which means he is not going to be some transitional champion between Wade Barrett and Miz.

    Axel is going to walk out with the IC title still around his waist, but whether he does it by winning or utilizing the champion's advantage is not as easy to predict.

    Heyman is the kind of manager who will get his client DQ'd if it means they get to retain their title.

    Prediction: Curtis Axel Will Retain...Somehow.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Title Match)

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    This match is one where either man seems like they might walk out as a World champion.

    Ziggler has been showing off against 3MB, and making the occasional appearance during Del Rio's matches to get in the head of the champion.

    Ziggler lost the title right after returning from injury, but he was able to turn babyface in the process. If Ziggler got a big pop when he won the title as a heel, imagine the kind of pop he would get as a babyface if he wins the title again.

    If someone wins the World title briefcase before this match takes place, then it might not matter who wins in the end.

    Last month I predicted Ziggler would retain the title, and I was wrong. This month I am going to try again.

    Prediction: Dolph Ziggler Wins World Title

Mark Henry vs. John Cena (WWE Title Match)

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    Even though Mark Henry wowed everyone with his big swerve at the end of his fake retirement speech, I still do not see him as the winner of this match.

    Henry has been getting better with each passing year, but right now is not his time to be WWE champion. If WWE does end up putting the title on Henry, then it will be a short-lived title reign.

    And just like in the World title match, the winner may be irrelevant if someone has a briefcase they want to cash in for a title shot right then and there.

    Prediction: John Cena Retains

World Title Money in the Bank Match

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    The participants in the World Title MITB match will be Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.

    This is all my opinion, but Swagger and Fandango have no chance of winning, Ambrose and Cesaro are the dark-horses, and Sandow, Rhodes and Barrett are the favorites.

    Rhodes and Barrett are both good enough to be in the World title scene by now, and Sandow is right on the cusp of being ready, but he might need a mid-card title first.

    It's hard to call, but I will take a stab at a prediction based on who seems the most prepared to be a World Champion.

    Prediction: Wade Barrett Wins MITB.

WWE Title Money in the Bank Match

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    The participants in the WWE Title MITB match will be Christian, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Sheamus, CM Punk and the returning Rob Van Dam.

    Four of these men have won briefcases in the past, and all of them have been in plenty of ladder matches.

    RVD is returning with a lot of hype, but not the kind of hype that makes me think he will win this match, although it would make things interesting.

    If he wins the case and then takes off for a few months, a surprise cash-in could draw big ratings.

    Christian, Sheamus and Kane all seem like they are there to add credibility to the match, but not win the briefcase.

    The favorites are Orton, Bryan and Punk. Punk could become the first three-time winner, or Orton could pick up his first briefcase. Orton needs to get back in the hunt for a title, and this would be a great start.

    Bryan is the wildcard here. WWE would be dumb not to put him in the WWE title picture at this point, but whether he earns his shot in a match or with a case is what remains a mystery.

    Since this is a predictions slideshow, I will make a prediction, but this is one I am in no way sure of.

    Prediction: Randy Orton Wins MITB

    What are your Money in the Bank predictions?

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