ECW Possible Future Feuds

David BowstonCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

Still getting over the magnificent pay per view that was Backlash; some feuds are starting off and some are continuing while running lacklusterly.

I don't know where to start with this one because ECW's air time is too short to establish any real feuds, but I'll give it a go.


Jack Swagger vs. Christian

This one is an obvious choice. Although there are never any feuds on ECW, just matches we could see this boil into a personal feud, for example Christian beats Swagger at Judgment Day so Swagger starts getting frustrated and continuously takes Christian out brutally because he doesn't believe he can beat Christian.


Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger

I firmly believe we will see Swagger defeat Christian at Judgment Day, we will then go on to see Dreamer face Swagger at his last PPV (Extreme Rules).

Dreamer will win the match and his beloved ECW Title but he will then go on to retire anyway and take over as GM, but for this to take effect we will need to see Swagger insult Dreamer, really rip into him to make it personal.


Vladimir Koslov vs. Finlay

I think this would be a snore fest but a similar feud to Mark Henry vs Finlay with Vladimir Koslov saying he is unstoppable on ECW and Finlay saying he is an all out brawler and can defeat him and we probably end up in a Belfast Rules match (Belfast is actually nothing like that by the way), hopefully with Koslov winning because I want him to go on a path of destruction.


Tyson Kidd vs. Evan Bourne

I got so desperate for this feud that I decided to pray for it to happen. I was being 100 percent serious because these two are huge talents and will be future headliners in the whole company.

We need to see Tyson Kidd interfere in a Bourne match or defeat him in another match. I think Bourne arguably has the advantage over Kidd but as we saw on Tuesday if it wasn't for a pointless spot with Finlay, Kidd would have won.

I wanted Bourne to win but to do it himself. We may also see a Bourne & Tiffany vs Kidd & Natalya match because the Hart heirs seem to be giving Tiffany some flack. We may also see DH Smith involved in this feud, helping his fellow Hart Foundation youngsters.