Raw Possible Future Feuds

David BowstonCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

Still getting over the magnificent pay per view that was Backlash; some feuds are starting off and some are continuing while running lacklusterly.


Randy Orton vs. Batista

Raw is still only coming off Wrestlemania and is still engulfed in a feud which could either run stale or reach new levels: Randy Orton's Legacy vs Triple H, Batista and Shane McMahon.

Now many people were interested in this feud simply because they wanted to see a betrayal at WM 25.

Didn't happen, so we waited until Backlash. A six-man tag? Surely we will see a turn now, no...we didn't. Instead we seen Randy Orton's Legacy defeat The Game and put him out of action, within the next few weeks Batista was named as No 1 contender and Shane McMahon seems to be out.

MVP was introduced to freshen it up but he hasn't been given a push. What we will most likely see is Randy Orton retaining the title and possibly feuding with Batista because Triple H is out. I'm not a huge fan of this idea because I feel it is too repeated but this looks likely.


MVP vs. William Regal

On the latest Raw we seen MVP confronted by William Regal, I am a follower of both these men and believe a title feud for the US Champ could be exciting, but their in-ring skills alone may not be enough to keep the fans entertained so promos, interviews, interferences and brutal attacks may be needed.


Beth Phoenix vs. Santina/Santino Marella

This one speaks for itself, Beth is trying to identify her Itallion Stallion as a fraud and prove she is the true Miss Wrestlemania, we could see some gimmick match ups such as arm wrestling contests and a decider match for the Miss Wrestlemania sash, this would most likely please most fans as most were annoyed how the battle royal ended.


The Miz vs. John Cena

"What are you doing back here Cena? Looking for your latest movie script? I gave it to the Rock to use as toilet paper."

I hate The Miz, I don't think he has a lot of talent but that line won me over, I want to push him now because he cracks some hilarious promos, he should just work on his in ring ability.

I honestly think he could cope with Cena (not hard) but WWE has to stop this ridiculous Cena/Superman/PG era.


The Big Show vs. John Cena

Most people knew this was coming because of the ending of the last man standing match. Don't get me wrong; I liked the ending spot but I'd have prefered if Edge finished it himself to give him credibility.

Can I ask one thing before I go on, at Survivor Series 2005 possibly in the Team Cena vs Team Big Show match, Cena lifted Big Show with ease.

WWE has said since his return Big Show has lost weight and Cena has become more jacked up so how come Cena can't lift Big Show now? Continuity fail for WWE.

Back to the feud, we could see some epicly terrible match ups but with huge spots to win the crowd over.


Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston

I am disappointed to be saying this because I thought WWE was ready to push Matt Hardy further than this, possibly just under main event and battling it out with a main event face but we havent seen any sign of this.

I'd quite like to see Matt Hardy and MVP battle it out on a main event basis but we've seen it before and WWE are supposedly looking for fresh feuds.


The Colon Brothers vs. Chavo Guerrero and THE Brian Kendrick 

I was surprised to hear reports of Chavo and Kendrick training together but it looks like they could be setting up a new tag team and feud based on this but it would require Chavo to actually wrestle rather than job.

Honourable Mentions

Mr. Kennedy vs. MVP

Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena (actor vs. actor)

Colons vs. Legacy

Big Show vs. Batista