NCAA Football 14: Complete Analysis for Top Team and Player Ratings

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NCAA Football 14: Complete Analysis for Top Team and Player Ratings
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Player and team ratings on college football video games are obviously based on real-life players and teams. You'll never see the actual names included in a retail version of a college sports video game, though. 

College football players are amateur athletes whose names can't appear in video games because they would have to be compensated monetarily. Since collegiate athletes can't be paid, therein lies the reason players in NCAA Football 14—and every other college sports game—are simply known by their numbers.

Dedicated gamers utilize the ability to edit rosters to put in the authentic depth charts every year. Those rosters are usually available via the roster share feature shortly after release.

How do we know who's who? We totally expect Not-Johnny Manziel to be just as awesome in NCAA Football 14 as the real-life version was for the Aggies last season when he won the Heisman trophy.

After playing a few games with him, I can tell you for sure that he is.

If you know the players and teams who are expected to be standouts this college football season, you won't be disappointed in most of the ratings in NCAA Football 14.

Check out this slideshow that breaks down the best of the best.  

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