Red Bull Air Race: Full Throttle in Abu Dhabi

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2008

The season for the Red Bull Air Race does not begin until tomorrow, but the training has begun. Similar to practice runs in other motorsports, the pilots of the Red Bull Air Race have a practice session in order to get themselves acquainted with the track and to create and perfect the setup of their respective aircrafts.

Englishman Paul Bonhomme, still reeling from losing out on the championship to American Mike Mangold, had the fastest time around the track in the Port of Mina Zayid with a fast and mysterious setup.

In the meantime, Mike Mangold remains confident that he can hold onto his championship. "We had the fastest plane in 2007 and we've been working on the modifications," says Mangold. However, he remains cautiously optimistic, "all our modifications adhere to the strict rules. But no one can tell if it will pay off."

The newest edition is South African Glen Dell. Dell has been overwhelmed by the challenges that the Red Bull Air Race has but he remains determined to become the best by learning from the pros. "At the beginning, it's all about learning" says Dell. He then adds, "I have a lot to learn from these experienced pilots,"  showing that learning is a lifelong habit in order to be the best.

The season will begin in full swing tomorrow in Abu Dhabi, and if it is anything like last year, then we are in for quite a show. Enjoy the qualifying tomorrow!

- Information and quotations have been graciously provided by the Red Bull Air Race Newsroom.

- Photography credit: Balazs Gardi