John Madden to Come out of Retirement to Continue Man-Crush of Favre

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMay 7, 2009

Brett Favre appears to again be making a comeback. This time, with the Minnesota Vikings. Not surprisingly, Packer fans are outraged. Although Favre hasn’t officially signed on with Green Bay’s NFC North arch rival, just that fact that he is meeting with Minnesota’s front office is enough to irk “cheese heads” everywhere. My question is, how can Packer fans even be surprised at this point? You expected anything less from one of the most egotistical quarterbacks in the history of the NFL?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Brad Childress boarded a flight to Favre’s hometown in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on Wednesday to discuss Favre’s retirement status. An important looming topic of Favre’s partially torn bicep in his throwing arm will also most likely be brought up.

Now Bus Cook, Favre’s agent, is doing his best to dismiss any talk of a pending return to the NFL by his aging 39 year old client. Cook was quoted as saying, “As far as I know he is retired, I would think that the first order of business would be that Brett would tell me, ‘Bus I want to play again,’ and that hasn’t happened.” Obviously this means nothing, Cook’s attempt at damage control is useless.

First let me address Favre on this one. You’d think a guy who cares so much about his image and his legacy would be worried about alienating the fans who once held him in god-like stature. Maybe this guy is just so self-centered that he has developed the most advanced case of selective hearing in the history of the world. Maybe every time he turns on the television now after a long day of throwing a football around in his wranglers and hears something negative about himself, he just calls up Peter King or John Madden for some sweet-talking and an ego boost. I can respect a guy having enough competitiveness to never want to hang it up, but when your abilities diminish as much as Favre’s have over the past couple years, it starts to become embarrassing to watch. Favre needs to accept the fact that there will come a day that we go through an NFL season without having to listen to announcers and analysts alike swoon over Favre’s play on the field. If I have to hear him compared to a kid in his backyard while running around after throwing a touchdown again, I’m going to throw up. Especially when that touchdown is accompanied by two or three interceptions in that particular game. [Read more...]