Full Training Camp Roster Breakdown for Tennessee Titans

Chad MintonCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2013

Full Training Camp Roster Breakdown for Tennessee Titans

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    The Tennessee Titans roster looked drastically different at this time last year, and it still obviously has a lot more changes to go through before the Titans' Week 1 opener against the Steelers.

    The roster has gotten considerably deeper at a lot of key positions, which means that head coach Mike Munchak will have plenty of tough decisions to make when he has to make cuts.

    As of right now, the Titans look like a team that can easily make a playoff push as long as the new faces adapt quickly to their new surroundings.


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    Jake Locker (No.10)

    Even after two full seasons, the Titans still haven't fully recovered from the Vince Young disaster at quarterback.

    A new disaster may be broiling if Jake Locker can't show drastic improvement from last season.

    Locker has a lot of pressure on him to perform at a high level, but the new pieces put around him should allow him to come close to hitting his ceiling.

    His shoulder injury also seems to be completely in the past, and the new system being installed by offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains should mean that Locker's numbers improve.


    Ryan Fitzpatrick (No.4)

    Ryan Fitzpatrick seemingly replaces the aging Matt Hasselbeck as the primary backup, or the disaster plan if Jake Locker struggles badly over the first half of the season.

    Fitzpatrick has proven over the years that he can put up very respectable numbers, and he's definitely a solid backup choice for the Titans.

    Hopefully, it won't come to Fitzpatrick ever having to take Locker's spot on the depth chart. He'll enter training camp as the hands down backup to Locker.


    Rusty Smith (No.11)

    It will be another season for Rusty Smith to basically just sit off to the side and observe. 

    Smith didn't really show that he was NFL-ready when he got his opportunity to start a game back in 2010.

    When preseason arrives, it will be Smith's time to shine. He'll need to have a strong preseason to keep from being cut, and he usually plays quite well during preseason outings.


    Nathan Enderle (No.7)

    It will be a busy training camp and preseason for Nathan Enderle to try to find a spot on this roster as the team's third-string quarterback.

    It won't be easy for Enderle to jump ahead of Rusty Smith, who's been with this team for all three of his NFL seasons.

    Enderle could very well be a guy that the Titans see some value in this training camp, and who knows what the future could hold after that. He certainly has enough talent to warrant plenty of attention for a roster spot.

Running Backs

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    Chris Johnson (No.28)

    This is still Chris Johnson's position to lose, and it's also still his team in many ways.

    The ceiling for the Titans is directly tied to how consistent Johnson can play on a week-to-week basis, because he certainly wasn't consistent last season.

    Johnson seems to really be embracing the healthy competition that he now has at the running back position, and that should lead to a more prepared Johnson in Week 1.

    Don't expect 2,000 yards from Johnson in 2013, but a 1,500-yard season with a solid yards per carry average is certainly not far-fetched.


    Shonn Greene (No.23)

    It's still uncertain how Shonn Greene is going to exactly fit into this new offensive system. He's definitely going to be an upgrade for the Titans in short-yardage situations.

    Greene is going to get his fair share of opportunities to move the chains and power the ball over the goal line. Somewhere around 10-12 touches a game would be a safe bet from where we stand right now.

    The Titans still want to be a run-first offense, and Greene is going to help make them a more balanced rushing attack. It also takes some of the pressure off of Johnson.


    Jalen Parmele (No.35)

    Parmele is another new arrival at the running back position for the Titans in 2013. He won't see a ton of action during the regular season unless an injury occurs.

    However, Parmele is a guy that should be able to find a spot on this team after the final cuts are made. He has limited NFL experience, but he has shown that he's capable of occasionally putting together a solid outing.

    You'll see plenty of Parmele in the preseason, and he should play well enough to be the third running back for the Titans.


    Collin Mooney (No.42)

    Mooney will most likely never be a starting running back for any team in the NFL, but he brings value to the table through his blocking abilities.

    It's still somewhat of a surprise that he's being listed as a running back as opposed to a fullback.

    Mooney will have to really battle to make the final cut. He'll have to really prove his value as a blocker in the running game, because his value as a pure running back is limited.


    Alvester Alexander (No.22)

    Alexander is a classic case of an underclassman who probably left for the NFL a little too early.

    His skills are average at best at the NFL level, and it will always be an uphill battle for Alexander until he gets the rare opportunity to get playing time due to injuries.

    Coming out of Wyoming as a rookie in 2012, Alexander will look to really dazzle the coaching staff during training camp if he's going to find a way onto the final roster.

    Get a good look at Alexander while you can, because you might miss him if you blink.

Wide Receivers

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    Kenny Britt (No.18)

    As of right now, Kenny Britt is still this team's first choice at wide receiver. That could easily change at the conclusion of training camp.

    There is going to be plenty of competition at this position during training camp, and it should be fun to watch as a fan.

    As for Britt, he has one last chance to really shine in a Titans uniform. He has all the talent you could ask for, and he could easily make this Titans passing offense a potent one if he decides to show up for a full season.


    Kendall Wright (No.13)

    Wright had a productive rookie season, but he also had some timely drops that hurt a few critical scoring drives. 

    That comes with the territory when dealing with rookie wide receivers, and he should show a lot of improvement in his second season.

    Wright will have his hand prints all over this offense in 2013. He could easily end up leading this team in receptions for the second-straight season.


    Justin Hunter (No.15)

    The Titans had one of the more shocking moves of the NFL draft when they moved up in the second round to get Justin Hunter, the former standout for the Tennessee Volunteers.

    Hunter could make a push for Offensive Rookie of the Year honors this season. He's going to get plenty of looks in the passing offense, and he has the speed to get down the field in a hurry.

    Some people may not have agreed with the Titans going for a receiver so early in the draft, but Hunter will make this a more vertical offense than it has been in quite a long time.

    Hunter will be a fun player to watch in his limited action during the preseason.


    Nate Washington (No.85)

    Coming in as the reliable veteran of this group, Washington is going to take a few steps back in the production department.

    The Titans have gotten younger at the position, but that doesn't mean that Washington won't be relied on as a veteran who can make timely catches.

    Washington could also see a little bit of time in the slot as well. He had a strong showing at the Titans OTAs, so we'll see if that translates into another productive season for the Titans.


    Kevin Walter (No.87)

    The addition of Walter was another surprising one by the Titans during this busy offseason. Walter just adds to the log-jam that already existed before he was brought in from the Texans.

    Expect Walter to play a similar role as to what he played with the Texans. He'll make some timely plays in limited action, and he may even throw a couple 100-yard games in the mix.

    When it's all said and done, Walter just makes this team even deeper at receiver than they already were. The Titans will never be short of having guys on the field who are capable of having big days on any given day.


    Damian Williams (No.87)

    Things start getting dicey once you get this far down on the depth chart. The Titans aren't going to keep more than six or seven receivers on the final roster, and Damian Williams will be one of those guys battling for one of those final spots.

    Williams had 30 catches last season, but he has yet to really break to the next level in his three NFL seasons. Some of that is due to other things out of Williams' control, but that's the nature of the beast that is the NFL.

    If Williams can have a strong training camp, then he should be safe.


    Michael Preston (No.14)

    Preston saw a little bit of unexpected playing time last season, but that won't be enough for coaches to keep him on the final roster.

    There are just too many other talented receivers that stand ahead of Preston at the current moment. He's a guy that will probably be one of those cuts that a coach never enjoys making.


    Marc Mariani (No.83)

    As expected, Mariani is working really hard this offseason to battle back from his unfortunate injury that sidelined him all of last season.

    There's not really a place for him as a kick returner anymore, and that means that he has to somehow make it on the team as a receiver. With his limited experience , there's just no way he makes the team over the handful of other receivers that are bringing much more to the table.

    Mariani was a nice story for the Titans while it lasted, but his future is probably elsewhere in the NFL.


    Rashad Ross (No.89)

    Ross is a rookie out of Arizona State, and his crazy speed will give him a puncher's chance to make the final roster.

    If Ross can turn some heads with his speed during the preseason, then the Titans will find a way to make room for him on the roster.

    He's a classic example of a one-dimensional player, so that dimension of speed that he has will have to be the one thing that shines for him.


    Diondre Borel (No.19)

    If the Titans decide to keep seven wide receivers, then Borel might have a slight chance to crack the 53-man roster. 

    He has some value as a returner, and he came close to making the 53-man roster for the Packers' loaded receiving corps last season. That has to hold at least a little value.

    Borel could have an amazing preseason and possibly get one of those final roster spots.


    Dontel Watkins (No.5)

    Watkins is a local guy who isn't being given strong odds to make the team. He has decent speed but not much other than that.

    Crazier things have happened, but something really crazy would have to happen for Watkins to be on the roster in early September.


    Travis Harvey (No.12)

    Harvey is another speed specialist that will have a tough time making the team. We'll see a little of him during the preseason, but he'll probably be one of the early cuts.

    Unfortunately, Harvey just doesn't have the physical frame to be an NFL wide receiver. His minimal experience at the college level doesn't help his cause.


    Roberto Wallace (No.16)

    Wallace has a great physical frame that gives him a small chance with a majority of NFL teams. For some reason, that didn't translate into making a final roster.

    He'll be battling with several other unproven receivers to maybe get a final roster spot. It's very unlikely due to how crowded the Titans are at receiver.

Tight Ends

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    Delanie Walker (No.82)

    Walker was one of many big free-agent signings for the Titans this past offseason. He was a little overlooked in San Francisco thanks to Vernon Davis being the primary guy at tight end.

    He'll get more attention in a Titans uniform, and he's also going to help Chris Johnson, as he's a good blocking tight end.

    Walker is dealing with a knee injury he suffered in OTAs, and it's keeping him from being as productive as he would like with his new teammates.

    Nevertheless, expect Walker to be the main guy at tight end in 2013 for the Titans.


    Craig Stevens (No.88)

    Stevens' spot on this roster should be secure, but that doesn't mean that he can afford to just sit back and relax. 

    He's always been a good blocker for the Titans, and he's actually not a bad receiver. The Titans will use him often in 2013, giving Jake Locker a big, reliable target to throw to when plays break down.

    If Stevens can get a moderate amount of targets from Locker, then he should be able to be a reliable second tight end.


    Taylor Thompson (No.84)

    With Thompson still transitioning from the defensive end position that he played in college, the Titans have to remain patient that Thompson will eventually become productive in the passing game.

    Thompson has the potential to develop into a really good receiving tight end for the Titans, and it could happen as early as this season.

    The Titans already have two veteran tight ends in Walker and Stevens, but Thompson brings the ability to really contribute as a receiver.

    This passing attack is already very deep, and Thompson would really just be an added bonus for this offense.


    Jack Doyle (No.46)

    Doyle has the abilities to make it in the NFL once he finds the right situation, and the Titans probably aren't that right situation.

    There are just too many hurdles standing in Doyle's way on the depth chart to find a spot on the roster. He could end up playing on the practice squad and eventually making an impact. 


    Brandon Barden (No.81)

    Barden is another local product out of Vanderbilt that would be a nice story if he could somehow make the team, but that's pretty unlikely. There's really just not enough room at the position, which isn't out of the ordinary for a Titans roster. The Titans are usually pretty set at tight end, so Barden might have to try his luck elsewhere.


    Beau Brinkley (No.48)

    Brinkley isn't going to make an impact on the Titans as a tight end anytime soon, but his place on the final roster looks pretty good as a long snapper. 


    Martell Webb (No.80)

    Webb played on the practice squad for the Titans last season, and that's probably as far as the former Michigan player is going to go in a Titans uniform. A ridiculous amount of injuries would have to occur for him to make the 53-man roster.

Offensive Tackles

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    David Stewart (No.76)

    Stewart is battling back from a broken leg that has forced him to miss OTAs, but he should be ready to go when training camp rolls around.

    This is one part of the team that has remained strong throughout the last few rough seasons. Stewart should play a big role on the Titans very formidable offensive line in 2013.


    Michael Roos (No.71)

    Roos is the other half of what is a great duo at offensive tackle for the Titans. His place on the roster is as secure as it gets, and the Titans really need him to stay healthy to keep another disaster from occurring like last season.


    Michael Otto (No.66)

    Otto is a guy that usually comes in when the injury bug shows its ugly face, and he's done a respectable job in that role with the Titans. 

    He had to do that last season when Roos missed time in the middle of the season. Otto will remain a key backup on the unit.


    Byron Stingily (No.68)

    Stingily is still very far off from being a reliable starting offensive tackle in the NFL. With that said, he has enough talent to still keep a roster spot when it's all said and done. 


    Barry Richardson (No.79)

    The Titans got 49 games of starting experience when they added Barry Richardson to the roster. His place on the roster isn't completely secure, but his experience should earn him a spot as a key backup.


    Daniel Baldridge (No.79)

    Baldridge was added from the Jaguars' practice squad last December, when the Titans were going through all of their injuries to the offensive line. He's nothing more than a practice squad player for the Titans.

Offensive Guards

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    Andy Levitre (No.67)

    Levitre was the big free-agent signing for the Titans, and he instantly improves the pass protection for Jake Locker in a huge way. He'll make the Titans a much better team than they were last year.


    Chance Warmack (No.70)

    The Titans had an excellent draft by most accounts, and it started with getting Chance Warmack in the first round. Warmack is an NFL-ready guy that will have some great coaches surrounding him for his rookie season.


    Fernando Velasco (No.61)

    Velasco played well considering the circumstances last season, and it was good enough to earn him a one-year deal. He's safe when it comes to making the final roster, but a strong 2013 showing could mean a long-term deal next offseason.


    Chris Spencer (No.60)

    Spencer had a chance to maybe start before the drafting of Warmack. Now, Spencer will have to battle for a roster spot. He's got veteran experience, but a backup is the best he can hope for.


    Kasey Studdard (No. 64)

    Studdard has six years of NFL experience, but he'll have to beat out Spencer and Velasco for a roster spot. It's not likely he'll make the final roster.


    Oscar Johnson (No. 73)

    Johnson comes out of Louisiana Tech as a rookie this season, and he'll have his work cut out for him in training camp to earn himself a roster spot. He could end up being a good NFL player one day, but it will be challenging for the Titans to find room for him this season.


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    Brian Schwenke (No.62)

    Getting Scwenke was the more underrated signings for the Titans this season. It didn't get a ton of attention, but he could very well end up being the starter in Week 1. He's got a mean streak that will make him a really good center to round out this offensive line.


    Robert Turner (No.58)

    Turner has NFL experience going for him when it comes to battling for the starting role with Schwenke at center. He's also a very versatile guy that will have a spot on the Titans final roster at the very least as a swing guy. 


    Eloy Atkinson (No.72)

    Atkinson not making the final roster won't necessarily be because of his talent. He had a good collegiate career at UTEP. However, the Titans aren't going to take three centers into the regular season.

Defensive Ends

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    Kamerion Wimbley (No.95)

    Wimbley will remain the premiere pass rusher for the Titans defensive line, but the Titans are probably hoping his production improves a little bit from six sacks in 2012. He should get more opportunities to get to the quarterback thanks to an overall improved defense.


    Derrick Morgan (No.91)

    The Titans are really waiting for Morgan that have his breakout season in his young career. He had 6.5 sacks last season, which was by far his most productive season so far. If he can improve even more on that number, then the Titans will have a formidable pass rush. 

    Morgan looked really good in a recent minicamp in June, so hopefully that's just a sign of things to come.


    Keyunta Dawson (No. 75)

    Dawson was re-signed for a one-year deal back in March, and he will remain in the backup role to Wimbley and Morgan. He's shown flashes of talent during his career, so the Titans will find room for him for the regular season.


    Lavar Edwards (No.98)

    Even though Edwards didn't have great numbers at LSU due to him lining up behind Barkevious Mingo, he's still a guy who figures to have a high-ceiling. He's extremely athletic and will be fun to watch in the preseason. Expect to see Edwards put into certain packages during his rookie season. 


    Ropati Pitoitua (No.92)

    Pitoitua is the newest addition to the Titans defensive line, and he could really end up making a major impact on the Titans' ability to stop the run. He can play inside or outside on the defensive line. He'll find himself as one of the 53 guys on the final roster heading into Week 1.


    Scott Solomon (No.90)

    Solomon is actually getting some looks by the Titans coaching staff as a strongside linebacker, but as of now, he's still listed as a defensive end. His future probably isn't at defensive end, and if he makes the team, it will be due to his special teams value.


    Thaddeus Gibson (No.77)

    It's not inconceivable that Gibson could make the final 53-man roster. He's more of a hybrid pass rusher than can play linebacker or defensive end. There may not be room for him on the depth chart, but he could prove his worth to coaches and be used sparingly. Training camp will be extremely important for Gibson to find a permanent home in Tennessee.

Defensive Tackles

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    Sammie Lee Hill (No.94)

    Hill was a great addition to the interior defensive line for the Titans, who ranked 24th against the run in 2012. The presence of Hill should improve that ranking in 2013 and keep the Titans in a lot more games on the scoreboard.


    Jurrell Casey (No.99)

    Casey has emerged as one of the big-standouts on the entire Titans defense, and he's most likely only going to get better. He has the ability to not only stop the run, but also contribute in rushing the passer. He's the anchor of the interior defensive line for 2013.


    Karl Klug (No. 97)

    Klug is another guy that really can make a name for himself in 2013. He actually led the Titans in sacks during his rookie season in 2011. Klug is very safe on this roster, and he should see plenty of snaps in 2013.


    Mike Martin (No. 93)

    Another guy who will be in the midst of a big position battle during training camp will be Mike Martin. This guy is very talented as a gap shooter, and he could leap frog Klug on the depth chart if he has a strong training camp. Don't be surprised at all if you see a lot more of Martin in 2013.


    Stefan Charles (No. 78)

    It's not everyday that you see guys on the roster from Canada, but  Charles is just that. He has great size, but not much of a track record to go on. He'll have to really battle hard and highly impress coaches to get any consideration for a coveted roster spot.


    Zach Clayton (No. 69)

    Clayton has gradually descended down the depth chart over the past couple of seasons, which leaves him with a pivotal training camp to stay on this team. Odds are the Titans will cut ties with the former Auburn player.


    DaJohn Harris (No. 96)

    One of the surprise players to make the 53-man roster last season was DaJohn Harris, and he'll have to do that again this season. This guy has a great story and some decent pass rushing skills. If he continues to show improvement this offseason, then the Titans could make room for him.


    Antonio Johnson (No. 79)

    Johnson played sparingly for the Colts last season, but he had very little production to go along with it. He's not particularly strong in run defense, which is what the Titans really need. Odds are not in Johnson's favor that he'll find himself in a Titans uniform in Week 1, unless he's cheering in the stands.


    Nigel Nicholas (No.72)

    Nicholas was one of 15 undrafted free agents that the Titans had this offseason. He's out of Oklahoma State, and unfortunately, undrafted free agents always fight uphill battles to get onto the roster.

Outside Linebackers

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    Zach Brown (No.55)

    One of the few bright spots on the Titans defense in 2012 was Zach Brown. Now entering his second NFL season, he figures to really make a name for himself on the Titans defense. He was labeled by some scouts as a soft player, but he's quickly silencing those critics.


    Akeem Ayers (No.56)

    Ayers led the Titans in tackles last season with 104 tackles, but the Titans would really love to see him make a bigger impact in rushing the passer. Expect him to play a larger role in that department in 2013.

    Last season, one of the lone bright spots of the team was their young linebackers. Ayers will show improvement in 2013 and become a very important part of this defense.


    Zaviar Gooden (No.50)

    Gooden is a speedy linebacker that just adds to this already talented group of linebacker. They're young but have a lot of promise. As for the 2013 season, he'll have a great opportunity to excel as a rookie.

    When it comes to offseason workouts with the Titans, Gooden is impressing coaches that could lead to significant playing time in the regular season.

    He'll have an opportunity to steal some playing time from Brown. Gooden's speed will give him plenty of chances to make an impact.


    Jonathan Willard (No.49.)

    The Titans are already very deep at linebacker with young talent, so it will be tough for Willard to find a spot on the final roster. He does have the talent to earn a spot on the practice squad and eventually make his way up to playing on Sunday.

Inside Linebackers

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    Colin McCarthy (No.52)

    McCarthy is the future for the Titans at middle linebacker as long as he can stay healthy. He has the skills to be a great NFL linebacker.

    The Titans need him for pass coverage duties, as well as stopping the run. He'll enter the regular season as the anchor at middle linebacker. 


    Moise Fokou (No.53)

    Fokou has a slight chance to overtake McCarthy for the starting job, but he's more of a backup plan in case McCarthy's injury problems continue. Versatility is also something that Fokou also brings to the mix.

    It's McCarthy's job to lose, but Fokou could easily end up stepping in.


    Tim Shaw (No.59)

    Every team has their players who are so important on special teams. Shaw is that guy for the Titans. He's a guy that can fill in if the injuries plague the unit, but his place is secure thanks to his value on special teams. 


    Patrick Bailey (No. 57)

    Bailey is another key contributor on special teams that the Titans probably want to keep. The problem is that there's not a ton of room at linebacker. Bailey could very well see his time come to an end with the Titans this offseason.


    Greg Jones (No. 47)

    Veterans are always good to have competing for job in the middle of the offseason. Jones is a guy who has some valuable special teams experience with the Giants, but he'll have to really impress coaches to make the team.


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    Jason McCourty (No.30)

    McCourty is a strong tackler who just needs a better pass rush from the defensive line to really take some notice from the national audience. He'll be the main guy at cornerback for the Titans in 2013.


    Tommie Campbell (No.37)

    There is a serious battle going on at cornerbacker for the Titans, and it starts with Tommie Campbell. The guy has a ton of talent and could very well end up taking the starting job from Alterraun Verner. Campbell also brings a ton of special teams value. Anyone remember the win over the Lions last season?


    Alterraun Verner (No.20)

    Verner will have the chance to compete to retain his starting role as a starting cornerback opposite of McCourty. He didn't play particularly well in 2012, so he'll have to have a strong training camp to keep his starting role.


    Coty Sensabaugh (No.24)

    Sensabaugh is a little bit buried in the depth chart, but he could still end up making his presence known at some point in 2013. He's a very physical player who got some valuable experience in 2012. He'll come into 2013 as a reserve, but he won't be far off from becoming a starter.


    Blidi Wreh-Wilson (No.29)

    One of the key members of the 2013 Titans draft class is Wreh-Wilson. He's probably a season or two from being ready to be an NFL starter, but he has plenty of potential. Keep an eye out for him to play in certain packages this season.


    Khalid Wooten (No.36)

    Wooten was the last 2013 draft pick for the Titans, and he'll have to challenge Sensabuagh for a roster spot. He has all of the tools to be a successful NFL linebacker, bur he'll have to prove that in training camp to get a roster spot.


    Matt Pierce (No.44)

    Pierce comes out of Valdosta State as an undrafted free agent signing. There's slim odds that he makes anything more than the practice squad.


    George Baker (No.40)

    Baker brings a lot of speed to the cornerback position for the Titans but very little experience before his time at South Florida. It will be tough for Baker's athletic ability to be enough to get him a spot on a crowded roster.


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    Michael Griffin (No.33)

    Griffin slipped up a bit in 2012, as did most of the Titans. He'll be back to his more natural position of free safety in 2013, and better results should come from that. Griffin is definitely a flashy player who always has the ability to make some big plays.


    Bernard Pollard (No.31)

    The Titans made a lot of big moves this offseason, and getting Pollard to solidify their secondary was a big one. Pollard is going to bring a new attitude to this defense that it was sorely missing in 2012. It's up to debate if that will lead to more wins, but he'll at least make the Titans more fun to watch.


    George Wilson (No.21)

    Wilson comes in as a free agent signing from the Bills, and he's a reliable veteran that the Titans really needed last season. He'll be worked into certain packages and provide a lot of important leadership to this defense.


    Markelle Martin (No.26)

    Martin was unfortunately sidelined for all of his rookie season, and he has his work cut out for him to stay on the roster for Week 1. There's a lot working against him considering that he hasn't been healthy since the Titans drafted him.


    Al Afalava (No. 38)

    Afalava is mainly a special teams guy, but he will challenge Martin for a roster spot at safety. He did get an interception for the Titans last season against the Colts. He has a solid chance at overtaking Martin for a backup role.


    Daimion Stafford (No.39)

    Not sure if Stafford will stick around long-term, but his ability to be a hard-hitter will give him one of the 53 spots on the final roster. He'll see very little playing time unless injuries occur to Griffin and Pollard.


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    Rob Bironas (No.2)

    Bironas is still one of the most valuable players on the Titans right now. His range of well over 50 yards makes him even more valuable to the Titans.

    The Titans have had to settle for three points more often than not in recent seasons, and Bironas will continue to be the guy to do the honors. 


    Brett Kern (No.6)

    Kern has become a reliable punter for the Titans after he took over for the accomplished Craig Hentrich. Punters often get overlooked, but Kern is a good one that the Titans aren't letting go.