Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Makes Rockets Plea to Dwight Howard

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 5, 2013

Sheldon Cooper has one giant man-crush on Dwight Howard

Because the sweepstakes to land the coveted free agent wasn't quite zany enough, Jim Parsons from the hit show The Big Bang Theory posted a video attempting to woo Howard to Houston. 

In it, the 40-year-old Houston native explains some of the wonderful reasons Howard should become the latest star big man to wear a Rockets jersey. 

General manager Daryl Morey then tweeted the video, because every little bit helps when it comes to the tight race to sign Howard. 

Well, it certainly didn't hurt matters. 

Parsons and the rest of Rockets nation have reason to celebrate and fire off a few more of those remaining Fourth of July fireworks now that Howard announced via Twitter he is heading to H-Town. 

The Lakers lose out despite all the perks that came with Howard staying in Los Angeles. Still, one of the oddest aspects has to be an actor's plea coming all the way from Houston and not Hollywood. 

La-La Land loses all around. 

Parsons mentions the Rockets were missing just one ingredient on their way to building a championship team: an elite center. 

Go ahead and credit money, talent and a grand sales pitch for the Rockets' success in courting Howard. I will go ahead and assume it all came down to a compelling argument from one Sheldon Cooper. 

Now we eagerly await Howard's obvious cameo on Parson's hit show. 


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