Jerry Owens Will Not Be Missed

Pat EContributor IMay 7, 2009

Jerry Owens recently signed a minor league deal with the Seattle Mariners.

As a White Sox fan, I am glad to see him go.

With lofty expectation being lowered every year, Jerry let us down. All you had to do was get on base 37 percent of the time; that is all we asked.

Good, you can run, but you can't steal first base.

Despite having the job practically handed to you the past two spring trainings, you let us down. If you ever make the big league club in Seattle (doubtful) and you face the White Sox, I hope you go 0-4 with three K's and a pop out.

You were the biggest bust since Joe Borchard! How could you not thrive on the competition with Wise and Anderson this spring?

I heard that the US Olympic team is looked for sprinters. You should check it out, since you decided to work on running form this season instead of your swing. Nice work, pal.