All-Time College Football Team: Head Coach

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All-Time College Football Team: Head Coach

Is Joe Pa the best coach ever? Or is it Bobby Bowden? 

Is Reggie Bush the best to ever carry the pigskin?

And who is the best college linebacker of all-time? 

If you could have one quarterback lead your favorite college team, who would it be? 

As the weeks fast approach opening weekend of the college football season, I thought it would be interesting to get the opinion from the Bleacher Report audience, as well as their vote on the “All-Time Greatest College Football Team.” 

Simply submit your nomination in the comments section below for the greatest player from each position (I’ll publish an article featuring a new position to vote on periodically).

After all positions have received votes, including head coaches, I’ll tally the votes and submit the results in the week leading up to college football’s opening weekend, thus presenting “Bleacher Report’s All-Time Greatest College Football Team.” 

This is an opportunity for you, the true fan, to vote on your hero and the ones you deem to be the best players, and coaches, of all-time. 

So let’s get it started so we can fit in all the positions before the season starts! 

Every team has to have a true leader, so let’s start with the ol’ ball coach.

Who do you think is the best college football coach of all-time?

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