Detroit Tigers Still on Pace to Score 1,000 Runs

BigRegAnalyst IApril 9, 2008

Don't worry, Tigers fans. Your team is still on pace to drive in over 1,000 runs.  Don't believe me? Look at the numbers.

In the first seven games, the Tigers have scored 15 runs.  In effect, 2.14 runs per game. 

That is pretty awful. 

Plus, they have given up 44 runs in the first seven games.  Meaning they are giving up 6.29 runs per game.

So let's look at what needs to be done for them to reach that milestone of 1,000 runs.  First they have to score 985 more runs in the remaining 155 games, or 6.35 runs per game. 

Okay, that is not out of reach. They are going to have to start doing that anyway if they want to become competitive (see above 6.29 runs given up a game).

So there you go, Tigers fans. They will become the first team since the 1999 Indians to score over a 1,000 runs, as long as they win the rest of their games!


P.S. 155-7 is feasible.  They will just need to win every game 6.35 to 6.29!  Or at least seven to six.  Good luck, Tigers—you're going to need it—and may God be with you.