Women's All-American Team Named

Ted HardyContributor IMay 7, 2009

USA Rugby is proud to announce the 2009 Women’s All-American selections, identifying the best women’s collegiate players in the country.

Every player selected was seen by a panel of three scouts, either live at playoffs or through submitted DVDs. The selection panel was Chris Ryan, Keenya Warner and Sue Whitwell.

“The honor of being an All-American is something that is very special to the collegiate player,” said Nigel Melville, USA Rugby’s CEO. “I want to thank the panel for the work that they have done this year to ensure that the honor is well deserved.”

The selection panel was at the USA Rugby National Guard Collegiate Playoffs in Sanford, Fla., where they personally observed all the Division 1 and Division 2 games. The panel developed key performance criteria for each position and coaches’ recommendations were used to target players. The players were scored against the criteria and this became the starting point of the selection.

“Last year was a bit difficult setting up the new process,” said panel-member Chris Ryan. “However, this year, we were able to adjust the criteria and it made the selection process much more efficient.”

The quality of collegiate players made some of the selections very difficult, and players that were very close to making one of the teams were named as honorable mentions. The depth of players in some positions meant that some players were named out of position because it was determined that they were more worthy of recognition than other players in that position.

“Just like last year, the selection process was designed to select the best team,” said panel-member Sue Whitwell. “There were players that deserved to be name All-Americans and to accommodate them we had to move them from their primary position.”

USA Rugby has named a first and second team All-American side for Division 1 and a first team for Division 2. While the teams that did well in the playoffs have strong representation, a number of players were selected through DVD submission.

“Every player deserved the opportunity to be seen, even if they did not make the National Playoffs,” said panel-member Keenya Warner. “We would like to see more submissions from the teams outside of the playoffs, because while the better teams were at the Championship events, there are lots of great players whose teams do not make it that far.”

The Division 1 Champions, Penn State, were well represented with seven first team All-Americans.

Division I - First Team All-American

Prop, Andria Payne, Brown University
Prop, Lauren Rusert, Penn State University
Hooker, Kristen Snyder, Penn State University
Lock, Lauren Daly, University of Colorado
Lock, Kayla Ellingson, Brigham Young University
Flanker, Kassie Drey, University of Northern Iowa
Flanker, Alison Worman, Penn State University
Eight, Kate Daley, Penn State University
Scrum half, Annie Zeigler, Penn State University
Fly half, Sadie Anderson, Penn State University
Center, Lauren Rosso, Penn State University
Center, Melissa Smit, Stanford University
Wing, Erica Cavanaugh, University of Virginia
Wing, Ono Nseyo, Stanford University
Full back, Jessica Sexauer, United States Military Academy

Division I - Second Team All-American

Prop, Susan Dekker, Stanford University
Prop, Tabitha Schaap, Brigham Young University
Hooker, Tess Kohanski, University of Syracuse
Lock, Marianne Sparklin, United States Naval Academy
Lock, Annalisa Wilde, Brown University
Flanker, Martha Camacho, University of California, Berkeley
Flanker, Adria Orr, Brown University
Eight, Jillion Potter, University of New Mexico
Scrum half, Elizabeth Trujillo, United States Naval Academy
Fly half, Deanna McGillivray, University of New Mexico
Center, Alexandria Hartley, Brown University
Center, Morgan Rovetti, Brigham Young University
Wing, Ploipailin Flynn, Brown University
Wing, Ashley Miller, United States Military Academy
Full back, Jessica Watkins, Stanford University

Division I - Honorable mention

Scrum half, Amber Glasrud, University of New Mexico
Fly half, Kirsten Siebach, Brigham Young University
Center, Danielle Cicuto, United States Naval Academy

Division II - First Team All-American

Prop, Lisa Hrunka, Shippensburg University
Prop, Nicole Muraglia, La Salle University
Hooker, Jennifer Ward, Stonehill College
Lock, Meghan McCloud, Shippensburg University
Lock, Kathryn McCormick, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Flanker, Tiffany Gjestvang, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Flanker, Brittany Myers, Shippensburg University
Eight, Jen Larrimore, East Carolina University
Scrum half, Brittany Houston, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Fly half, Laura Fischer, Stonehill College
Center, Jenna Boggi, Shippensburg University
Center, Jillianne Whitfield, University of Michigan
Wing, Kimberly Lane, University of Delaware
Wing, Raina Timmel, California State University, Sacramento
Full back, Natalie Monroig, Shippensburg University