FBS Expert League II Has Plenty Of Action Through Week 4

Todd FarinoCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009
The first month of the season is in the books and the Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League II has already had its share of big wins, tough loses, and exciting finishes.

Week one saw newcomer Fred Lynn defeat the current champion Todd "The True Guru" Farino in strong fashion 6-3-1. It also saw the emergence of another newcomer MLB.com's Toby Mergler who made quick work of Fantasy Baseball Tonight's cohost RC Rizza 8-2. The third host of the big show Ryan Hallam also fell in week one 7-2-1 at the hands of The Fantasy Man Mike Kuchera. All three hosts of the Fantasy Baseball Tonight podcast had a tough week one and hills to climb.

Week two had several close contests, all within 2 wins. The only big wins that came from week two were The Fantasy Man's 7-3 win over Matthew Leach of MLB.com and Ryan Hallam's 8-2 defeat of RC Rizza. In the first two weeks, The Fantasy Man has emerged as the front runner of the league with a record of 14-5-1. On the flip-side, RC Rizza had the toughest start with a two week record of 4-16. Last year's east division champion swore a comeback on our podcast at http://www.fantasybaseballtonight.com/.

That setup a monster truck rally of a match up for week three, Junkyard Jake (4-14) Vs. The Fantasy Man (14-5-1). The result was not expected. RC dominated the match from the onset and by the time Sunday Night Baseball was over he ended his slow start ended with a 9-1 victory over a tough Kuchera team. RC Rizza has been known for slow starts and big finishes. This win put him right back into the race early in the season.

The MLB.com rivals fought each other for MLB.com supremacy,and round one went to Matthew Leach 5-4-1 over Toby Mergler in a knuckle buster of a match up.

After a few weeks of mostly close match ups, week four opened up and created some room in the divisions. The closest match up of the week and probably the game of the week pitted Fantasy Baseball Search's Evan Dickens Vs. Todd "The True Guru" Farino. Dickens was in first place in the west division with a 19-11 record and Farino was coming off two straight 6-4 winning weeks at 15-14-1. The end result was another 6-4 win for The True Guru and he handed The Censor his first expert vs. expert loss.

Ryan Hallam came out swinging against the east division leader Toby Mergler and beat him 7-2-1. It was Ryan's second big win of the season and one he needed badly. Toby Mergler is having such a great season through 4 weeks that he absorbed the tough loss and still maintained first place in the east. The Fantasy Man kept a tight hold on second place with a 7-3 win over The Sporting News' Matt Lutovsky. So far Matt has had a tough season with two 4-4-2 weeks and 5 ties already.

It's a tight race in both divisions. The west division is separated by 8 games, but Fantasy Baseball Geeks and The True Guru are hot on Evan Dicken's tail only 1.5 games back for the lead.

Toby Mergler holds the east division over The Fantasy Man Mike Kuchera by 3 games. This division is far more spread then the west, but still a dogfight. The third place team in the east, Matthew Leach is 6 games out and RC Rizza sits in last place at 8.5 games out, but only 3 games out of a playoff spot.

Here are the league standings:

Here are the standings for the expert vs expert match ups:

Fantasy Baseball Search - Dickens 3-1
The Fantasy Man 3-1
MLB - Mergler 3-1
Fantasy Baseball Search - Farino 3-1
Advanced Fantasy Baseball 2-2
MLB.com Leach 2-1-1
The Sporting News 1-1-2
Fighting Chance Fantasy 1-3
MLB - Fred Lynn 2-2
Fantasy Baseball Geeks 2-2
Junkyard Jake 1-3
Mock Draft Central 0-4

You can get all that and more at the homepage for the Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League II here: http://www.fantasybaseballsearch.com/2009_expert_league.asp