5 Baltimore Ravens Jerseys You Likely Rocked During Your Childhood

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIJuly 5, 2013

5 Baltimore Ravens Jerseys You Likely Rocked During Your Childhood

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    The Ravens have existed for less than 20 years, yet their history as a franchise has resulted in some memorable teams, players and, of course, jerseys.

    Though their uniforms have seen few changes from their original duds in 1996, inaugural Ravens fans sported a different look from today's new Nike jerseys.

    Let's take a look at some of the best throwbacks the Ravens have to offer.

Peter Boulware, Late '90s

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    The Ravens had a lot of great linebackers in the late '90s and early 2000s (one of whom we'll mention later), but Peter Boulware had to be one of the best.

    He was an integral part of the Ravens' championship team thanks to his pass-rushing prowess, and his No. 58 jersey was a common one on game days.

Jamal Lewis, Early 2000s

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    My first Ravens jersey was Jamal Lewis' No. 31, and I wore it until the numbers faded away.

    He was the prototypical powerback, yet he had burning speed and surprising versatility as well. Lewis was the perfect running back for the Ravens' smashmouth team, and his No. 31 was perfect for Ravens fans.

Vinny Testaverde, Mid-'90s

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    Vinny Testaverde got to wear the original purple and golds with the bold numbers and goofy fits.

    Fans were sure to wear them too. We may mock him now, but Testaverde still owns multiple passing records in Baltimore. His No. 12 was one of the more high-profile jerseys in the Ravens' inaugural season.

Todd Heap, Mid-2000s

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    Todd Heap quickly became a fan favorite in Baltimore, and his jersey did too. His No. 86 came about relatively late, but the old Reebok jersey still looks good and is a common sight at Ravens games.

Ray Lewis, Anytime

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    The only player in franchise history to go from the originals to the new Nike jerseys, Ray Lewis has transcended fashion in Baltimore. If you're a Ravens fan with a jersey, odds are, you have a No. 52 somewhere.

    Whether you have the originals with the big, bold numbers or the latest, sleek Nikes, Lewis' jersey was the hottest fashion trend in Baltimore. Even in retirement, it probably still is.