UFC 162 Fighter Tim Kennedy Talks About Battling for the Right to Free Speech

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Former Strikeforce fighter Tim Kennedy will make his long-awaited UFC debut this Saturday, but the week the event falls on also happens to overlap the 4th of July.

Kennedy is a decorated Army Ranger who proudly served his country in multiple tours of duty, and he continues to speak out as a veteran today.

In this interview, Kennedy talks about his outspoken nature and why he is so boisterous in giving his opinions on any number of topics.  Kennedy routinely takes to his Twitter account to talk about fighting, gun rights and a number of other political subjects.

For Kennedy, it all comes down to his freedom of speech, and he believes more people—whether it's fans or fighters—should embrace that.

"I say things people don't agree with and it makes people really mad.  They lash out and attack and say horrible things, or do horrible things.  That's the wrong idea," Kennedy said.  "I want people to say things that I totally disagree with, that makes my blood boil, that is so awful, but I want them to have that right.  Just like I should be able to say anything I want. That's the reason that I went to war to fight for these rights."

Kennedy also talks about his upcoming fight this weekend against Roger Gracie, which will be a featured fight on the UFC 162 main card on pay-per-view.

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