Arsenal Transfer News: Why Potential Luis Suarez Addition Will Not Happen

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2013

SALVADOR, BRAZIL - JUNE 20:  Luis Suarez of Uruguay in action during the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 Group B match between Nigeria and Uruguay at Estadio Octavio Mangabeira (Arena Fonte Nova Salvador) on June 20, 2013 in Salvador, Brazil.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
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While every transfer rumour is exciting, some of them simply have to be ignored. The idea that Luis Suarez is heading to Arsenal is one of them.

The idea started when so many people were betting on the move that bookies took the option off the table, according to Tony Little of the Sun. A spokesman stated, "It would suggest they have heard something substantial."

This seems rather circumstantial, and it goes against the "cause and effect" that we are used to seeing. Usually, people make bets after hearing about information. In this case, information is being made up based on the bets.

Plus, the idea that so many people "know something" but no one has leaked it out is also relatively far-fetched in this day and age.

However, that is just the start at why this deal would never happen.

On the surface, the transfer makes a lot of sense. Arsenal are looking to add strikers and the Uruguayan player is one of the best scorers in the world. The talented player would be making an upgrade to a Champions League club, and he would help it contend for multiple trophies right away.

The problem is that this does not tell the whole story. The reason Suarez is even available has nothing to do with his disappointment at Anfield, but in England as a whole. According to Sky Sports, he recently stated:

My family have suffered and things got out of hand. My daughter and my wife have suffered. I'm not prepared to continue to put up with the English press.

I love Liverpool, but if there is a chance of playing somewhere else...I suffered too much as a kid to get where I am to be attacked unfairly by the English press. They haven't appreciated me as a player, they've just judged my attitude.

It appears that if the player does leave, it will be to another country where he can have a fresh start. This is why a move to Real Madrid looks appealing to him and likely as a destination.

Of course, it is not even guaranteed that he will leave his current club. His agent, Pere Guardiola, told Sky Sports' Bryan Swanson that the player is "happy" at Liverpool and has no plans to leave.

There seems to be two potential outcomes for Suarez this summer: Either he stays in Merseyside where he has already found individual success and enjoys his situation, or he leaves England altogether to avoid the media.

Neither of those points to a transfer to EPL rival Arsenal, which Liverpool is unlikely to allow anyway.

Finally, the club is already focused on adding another experienced striker in Gonzalo Higuain. Sid Lowe of the Guardian reports that a deal is almost completed, and only a medical examination is sitting in the way of him signing a contract.

This reduces the need for a player like Suarez, regardless of how well he has played over the past couple of years.

If Arsenal is somehow able to acquire the Liverpool player, it would be a an excellent move for the club. Suarez finished second in the league in goals scored and would give the club an offense to compete with Manchester United and the rest of the top contenders in England.

However, fans should temper expectations and focus on more realistic moves. 


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