25 College Football Personalities We Would Love to Sack

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2013

25 College Football Personalities We Would Love to Sack

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    The recent demonstration by Bowling Green SID Dave Meyer, allowing himself to be sacked by a defensive tackle for the Falcons, got us to thinking about who we would like to sack when it comes to college football personalities.

    There are various personalities in all sports, but perhaps near the top of the list are those found in college football.

    Whether it be announcers, reporters, coaches or players, there are a lot of people who may come off as a little annoying.

    Meyer allowed himself to be sacked as a demonstration to show just what it feels like for an average guy to be hit by a large college football player.

    When it comes to college football, there are plenty of personalities we would love to sack.

    Here they are.

No. 25 Jordan Lynch

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    Starting off the list is a man who nobody had even heard of this time last year.

    Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch had an outstanding season in 2012, but bombed in the bowl game against Florida State.

    His comments before the game set off the Seminoles, saying how much success the team was going to have against the Florida State defense.

    Needless to say, he riled up their defense and was hit more than a few times by the Seminoles.

No. 24 David Pollack

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    David Pollack is one of the up-and-coming personalities on ESPN. He seems to know exactly what he is doing behind the microphone, and should be around for quite some time.

    But who wouldn't want to sack a player who was one of the best college football has ever seen at getting to the quarterback?

    He is a guy who could use a little taste of his own medicine.

No. 23 Eddie George

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    Eddie George was certainly one of the greatest running backs of his time, and the man always has a smile on his face.

    He can be found on Fox for Saturday night football with Erin Andrews and Joey Harrington.

    No question George is the most annoying of the three. Wiping that smile off his face might feel good to many college football fans.

No. 22 Tommy Tuberville

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    New Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville has burned his fair share of bridges during his college football coaching career.

    There are undoubtedly many people who would love a chance to get their hands on this guy.

    He comes off as being a little full of himself and even conceited at times.

No. 21 A.J. McCarron

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    A.J. McCarron is one of the best quarterbacks in college football, and might be near the top of the list of guys college football players would love to sack.

    Thanks to a talented offensive line year in and year out, this is one of the harder guys to get to.

    He has just about everything going for him right now, and that is reason enough for people wanting to sack him.

No. 20 Brent Musburger

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    There are very few announcers who have been around as long as Brent Musburger. During his 40-year announcing career, he has certainly grown on the nerves of many college football fans.

    He has a few of those sayings that can irritate just about anybody, and the way he says things only adds to it. 

    No question, Musburger easily makes the list.

No. 19 Brian Kelly

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    There are a few four letter words that Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly uses on a consistent basis, which could also be used to describe him at times.

    Kelly is a coaching genius, but has a way of going about it that is not too flattering.

    He is an in-your-face guy that maybe needs to get sacked a time or two, or more.

    I know a boatload of fans who would be standing in line at the chance.

No. 18 Mike Patrick

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    Mike Patrick is perhaps best known for his college basketball announcing, as he used to team with Dick Vitale, traveling the state of North Carolina doing ACC games.

    He also dabbles in football, and there is something about his voice, as well as how he says the names of players, that could get under just about anybody's skin.

No. 17 Mack Brown

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    The line to sack Texas head coach Mack Brown might start with Longhorn fans, and it might stretch the entire state of Texas.

    Brown has always recruited great players, but has very rarely done enough with his talent, at least in the minds of Texas fans.

    He might be on his way out in a year or two if the team does not improve.

    There would be a line of people waiting to get their hands on Brown if given the opportunity.

No. 16 Desmond Howard

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    Former Heisman Trophy winner and Michigan standout Desmond Howard might be a little higher on the list of a lot of college football fans, but he does not quite crack the top 15 of this one.

    Howard has quickly turned into one of the most famous college football analysts. He can be found on ESPN Saturday mornings alongside Chris Fowler, Kirk Herstreit and Lee Corso (more on him later). 

    That smile certainly makes a lot of people want to get their hands on him.

No. 15 Urban Meyer

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    Urban Meyer is likely to climb up the list more and more with the success he has as a head coach.

    Similar to a lot of other names on the list, Meyer is here because of how well he has done, and how many people have grown to dislike him for that.

    Throw in the fact that Florida fans are not too happy with how he left the program and there is no question that Meyer is in the top 15 on the list.

No. 14 Rod Gilmore

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    A lot of people might not even know who this guy is, but he ranks very high on this list.

    Gilmore is now one of the top announcers at ESPN, and can be found on Friday night games and a few other non-marquee matchups.

    Seemingly everything he says could and should be questioned.

No. 13 Les Miles

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    Les Miles is one of the more interesting personalities in all of college football. He is also an excellent coach—most of the time.

    Miles has been known for his fair share of blunders, but has done an excellent job since his arrival at LSU.

    He makes some off-the-wall comments, and even eats grass when the time is right.

    Who wouldn't want to sack this guy?

No. 12 Orrin Hatch

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    Orrin Hatch is not necessarily a college football personality, but nobody has told the United State Senator that. 

    The Utah senator has tried to get involved with the BCS. Back in 2009, he wanted the United States Justice Department to have hearings on the BCS.

    This was an effort to help the Utah Utes from his home state get more recognition after two undefeated seasons.

    A few years later he also wanted Boise State invited to the White House with Alabama, since both teams went undefeated.

    This is a guy who really needs to get sacked, and should stick to what he knows, not college football.

No. 11 Nick Saban

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    Alabama head coach Nick Saban is the best in the game, and because of that he is so high on the list.

    There are plenty of fans out there who cannot stand the site of Alabama or its head coach.

    With so much success in recent years, Saban is undoubtedly one the most hated coaches in all of college football.

No. 10 Bill Hancock

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    Bill Hancock has done a lot for college athletics over the years, but he has had his opinions about a college football playoff, and with how much power he possesses, his influence has been felt.

    Hancock has been the director of the NCAA Final Four, and was also the first executive director of the Bowl Championship Series.

    What many people may not like about him, is his strong dislike for a college football playoff.

    Hancock was one of the guys that was holding up the process. Everybody probably wants to get their hands on him.

No. 9 Mike Leach

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    Mike Leach has not made a lot of friends at some of his stops as head coach.

    Everybody knows about how Leach allegedly locked wide receiver Adam James in an electrical closet when he had a concussion.

    Allegations of abuse arose once again last season at Washington State.

    One guy who would like to get his hands on Leach is former ESPN personality Craig James. More on him later. 

No. 8 Johnny Manziel

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    Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel might be getting a big head since winning the Heisman Trophy, and it has show during the offseason.

    He is no stranger to Twitter and has had plenty of blunders over the past few months. Stories have also surfaced about his off-the-field activity.

    This is a guy that maybe needs to take it down a few levels.

    Manziel, however, might be the most elusive player on the list, meaning sacking would be no easy task.

No. 7 Steve Spurrier

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    Steve Spurrier is another guy who always seems to have a smirk on his face.

    He has been an excellent college football coach at Duke, Florida and now South Carolina. The "ol ball coach" is certainly one of the best in the game, which is all the more reason why fans want to get their hands on this guy.

    A long line would form for a chance to sack Spurrier.

No. 6 Lee Corso

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    Lee Corso has been great for college football. His appearances on College Gameday are always fun to watch, but that does not mean he doesn't get a little annoying at times.

    Corso is loud and probably wrong more often than he is right.

    The only question here is what teams mascot would he be wearing on his head while preparing to be sacked.

No. 5 Lane Kiffin

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    When it comes to burning bridges, USC head coach Lane Kiffin is at the top of the list.

    He has already been the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and the Tennessee Volunteers.

    Kiffin does not have many fans. While he knows how to recruit, that is about it. He has never lived up to expectations.

    USC fans along with the most of the rest of the country would salivate at the chance to sack this guy.

No. 4 Gordan Gee

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    Gordan Gee is the former Preside of The Ohio State University, and while he is not exactly a college football personality, he certainly tries to be.

    Gee has had more than his fair share of opinions, many of them coming on this exact subject.

    He called the Mountain West Conference "little sister's of the poor."

    His comments in May about Catholics were the last straw, and Gee decided to retire. Might have been a good move for everybody.

No. 3 Craig James

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    Former ESPN personality Craig James is now dabbling in the political field, but during his time at ESPN he certainly created more than a few enemies.

    James was caught in a war of words against former Texas Tech head coach and there were very few people who were big fans of James.

    He was certainly one of the more opinionated personalities ESPN has ever seen.

    For that reason, he is in the top three on the list.

No. 2 Lou Holtz

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    The top two personalities on the list clearly stand out from the rest. The first of those two is Lou Holtz.

    Holtz was an excellent coach during his time at Notre Dame and South Carolina, but has not been quite as successful when it comes to the studio.

    There are few things better than his fake locker room speeches, or him arguing with Mark May all fall when both of them are virtually always wrong. 

    When those two go at it, it is something to see. Maybe them sacking each other would be the way to go.

No. 1 Mark May

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    There is nobody associated with college football more annoying than Mark May. He might be at the top of the list for all sports.

    May is in studio every Saturday, and a few other days throughout the week, arguing with Lou Holtz about virtually everything.

    May is rarely right, and needs to be sacked a few times, then maybe a few more. He has a hatred for certain teams that is just not right, or professional for that matter.

    Every college football fan would be lining up for a shot at this guy.